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There has been extensive concern regarding the necessity of antivirus apps on iPhones and other types of Smartphone devices.

Whether or not you need the antivirus app depends on several factors that include the type of Smartphone that you own, the actions that you have taken on the device and what you have to do.

Malware that targets the Android phones have increased in number, by as much as 472%, in the last 4-5 years. What this means is that any person who owns an Android Smartphone has no option but to obtain the necessary antivirus app for protection.

Dangers of User-Installed Apps


If you have filled the iPhone with user-installed applications, it would be prudent to realize the implications of such a step. Such apps are often responsible for up to 55 percent of all malware that target such gadgets. Moreover, installing such apps on the device gives them permission to proceed to retrieve personal information from the Smartphone. If you frequently use the Smartphone for mobile banking and other sensitive undertakings, the malware could retrieve and send such information to people with ulterior motives.

Furthermore, 44 percent of all malware that target the iPhone and other similar devices are SMS Trojan horses, whose aim is to send text messages to some of the premium-rated numbers, thus causing you to lose a substantial amount of the airtime you load on to your phone. Therefore, if this argument is applicable to you, installing an antivirus app on your iPhone should not just be an option, but a necessity.

However, it is also worth mentioning that unlike the Android phones, an iPhone performs much better in terms of security and protection against malware.

Why iPhone is Safe from Malware Attacks


The reason behind the incredible performance of the iPhone where malware is concerned has to do with the fact that it has put enough measures and barriers that determine the kind of apps Apple allows into its app store. What this means is that although installing an antivirus app on your iPhone would not do you much harm, Apple already protects you through its high standards regarding third-party apps.

However, there is room for growth, where mobile phone malware is concerned; hence the importance of taking preventive measures such as installing an antivirus app.

Benefits of Installing Antivirus Apps

Installation of antivirus apps on the iPhone devices enables the companies that make antivirus to not only monitor, but also keep detailed records of all malware activities targeted towards the Smartphones. It is much better to pay for the antivirus app that you wish to install on your iPhone. Obtaining free antivirus apps might not always be a good idea as they are rarely able to handle some of the powerful malware attacks that exist today. Do not take the risk of using free antivirus app on your iPhone.

Therefore, install antivirus app on your iPhone today, if you value the security of your Smartphone. Physical theft, identity theft and malware threats are good enough reasons that should convince any person owning an iPhone to take proactive measures by installing an antivirus app. The app you install to protect your device should allow you to not only track, but also lock and wipe the device remotely.