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The WhatsApp version 2.12.228 was just released and it comes with new bug fixes and other improvements. So, if you decide to install the latest WhatsApp BETA version for Android, you will notice that the application is running smoother than ever before.

It seems that the APK file has been increased with only 5KB and it has 23 modified files such as: place_searchable.xml, about.xml or activity_google_drive_restore.xml. This clearly indicates that the developers of WhatsApp are still working on the Google Drive feature and it will most likely be released in the near future.

WhatsApp Features


  • The application is using only the internet connection, so as long as you have enough mobile data or connect to a Wi-Fi network, you will not need to pay any extra fee for using it;
  • Using the application, you can send videos, voice notes, and photos to your WhatsApp contacts;
  • You can set a profile photo that will be shown to all your contacts;
  • In case you are talking/chatting with somebody that is in another country, you will not pay any extra fees;
  • Say goodbye to usernames and passwords, because WhatsApp is not using them. Instead, for verification, you will use your mobile phone number;
  • As soon as you install WhatsApp, the application will scan your address book and will add each phone number it finds registered in its database – in other words, if you happen to have some friends that are already using this application, they will be automatically added to your WhatsApp contact list;
  • Ability to share location, exchange contacts, set a custom wallpaper, and even email chat history;
  • Ability to make Voice Calls to any WhatsApp user that has this feature enabled for his or her device.

Installing WhatsApp 2.12.228 APK on your Android smartphone

Before you think about installing the WhatsApp 2.12.228, you should know that this version is currently in BETA test mode, and there is a high likelihood that you will discover new bugs that will most likely get fixed before this version gets released as STABLE.

So, in case you don’t have the nerves for bugs and other errors, we suggest that you keep using the latest STABLE version of WhatsApp, which is found in the Google Play Store.

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However, if you still want to test the WhatsApp 2.12.228 APK BETA, then you will first need to uninstall the current WhatsApp application that you have installed on your Android. After that, download the WhatsApp 2.12.228 APK from and manually install it on your Android device (just head to the location where you saved the APK file and tap on it)

HINT: Before trying to install WhatsApp 2.12.228 APK make sure that you enable the “Unknown Sources” feature that’s found in Settings->Security.