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There are a lot of users who prefer to jailbreak the iOS on their iPhones. This is why today we’re going to reveal some great applications and tweaks that you can install on your iPhone that runs on a jailbroken OS 8 – iOS 8.4.



Zeppelin is a great application which allows you to change the carrier logo on a jailbroken iPhone. So, instead of seeing the carrier’s name on the device, you will be able to change it to anything that you want. The Zeppelin tweak is free and can be downloaded from Cydia.



iFile is a file manager application for iPhones, which allows you to easily access the files that are on your mobile device. The application costs 4.99 dollars, but it comes with a trial period of 7 days so you can test out the application and decide if you want to buy it or not.



There are a lot of tweaks out there which allow you to close all the applications that run in the background. However, Sicarius allows you to easily kill all applications with a simple swipe. In addition, the application comes with a 3D animation to the application switcher, which looks pretty nice.

Auxo 3


Another great replacement for the app switcher is the Auxo 3 application. It comes with many new features and improvements such as dynamic Multi-Center, Quick Switcher and is able to close all the applications that run in the background. Auxo 3 is compatible with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and costs 2.99 dollars.

iCaughtU Pro


Apple comes with the “Find My iPhone” feature, which is pretty great for when your device is getting stolen, allowing you to remotely lock your device, delete data and more.

However, iCaughtU Pro is even better, as it not only prevents someone from turning on your device, but it also takes a photo of the person who tries to turn off the device or unlock it using an incorrect code. At the same time, it will email the photo along with the GPS location which will be very useful for you to catch the thief.

iCaughtU Pro costs 2.5 dollars and we think that the price is very low for how much this application will help you if someone will steal your device.



ReachApp comes with spit-screen multitasking, allowing iOS 8 users to interact with two applications at the same time on a single screen. In addition, the application is free and can be downloaded right away from Cydia.



Tage application comes with some great multitasking gestures to your iPhone. You will be able to close applications and even switch applications using gestures. The application costs 1.99 dollars, but you will be able to test it for 3days before you purchase it.



In case you tend to share your iPhone with your friends and family, then you should use the BioLockdown tweak, as it allows you to lock applications, folders or whatever you think they should not access. The application costs 2.99 dollars and can be downloaded from Cydia.