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Google Earth has not stopped improving or evolving.

This sophisticated piece of technology has eliminated many of the complications that were a common feature of life. With this new app on your Smartphone, tracking and monitoring the movements of all your friends have become much easier. What is more, you do not have to leave your seat or the comfort of your house/office to track all your friends, regardless of which part of the world they are, at on any given day.

Reading, learning, thinking and understanding geographical information has evolved in a massive way because of Google Earth. In fact, whether you own an Android or an iOS device, you are just as capable of understanding different aspects of the geographical information as someone who owns a laptop. However, you must remember to download and install the Adobe Flash Player if the app is to prove beneficial in locating all your friends.

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If you are to keep track of where your friends are at any given moment, it is important to go to the Google Latitude website using your iOS Smartphone. The purpose of visiting this website is to download Google Latitude. The next step would require that you configure the Google account with that of Google Latitude. Remember that each device has unique configurations, thus the importance of following the instructions properly.

Once you are through with the configuration process, ask a family member or friend to volunteer for the testing. Use your laptop or desktop to visit the Google Latitude website once more. The next step is to locate the Google Latitude widget and add it to the iGoogle account that is under your name. The widget will then allow you to use or access Google Earth through your PC or laptop and locate your friends.

The widget has an “Add Friends” button that you should not fail to click. Doing this adds all the Google contacts in your account to the list. Each contact that you add should come with an icon, but only if the friends also use Google Latitude. Send as many invites as possible to the contacts and wait for their confirmation. If some of the contacts do not use Google Latitude, forward an invitation asking them to join and be able to keep track of each other.

However, never forget the importance of integrating Google Map with Google Play Services prior to using the Google Earth app. The Google Earth app needs help from Google Latitude to make it easy for you to keep track of your friends and know their locations wherever they travel locally or abroad. Remember that the tracking is possible whether you own an Android or iOS device as well as laptops, tablets and desktops.

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It is also worth remembering that Google Earth needs the latest, upgraded version of Adobe Flash Player to work well, regardless of the device you prefer to use in tracking all your friends. Tracking your friends in this manner saves you from sending emails, inboxes, text messages or calling them all the time.

Moreover, Google earth does all the tracking – of people and cars – in real time thus enabling you to know where your friends are at the exact moment.

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