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These days, the importance of having your device protected with a strong Antivirus cannot be overstated or overemphasized.

Although there are so many ads that make it clear how protection of computers and other devices matter, some people feel having an antivirus downloaded and installed is of no use. This is however not the truth. So, why is an antivirus app needed on a device?

Although such a question seems funny to be asked in our current world, there is the need for people to understand how important antivirus apps are and how far they can go to protect all devices.

Importance of Antivirus Protection for Devices


Antivirus protection is very necessary or is needed for protection against malware. Malware are the hidden or unhidden apps that can easily install themselves on your device, even when you have not permitted such installations. These programs are dangerous and can do a lot of harm to devices like crush the memory of the device, slow the device down, corrupt important documents and files, open your device up to hacker attacks, etc.

There are even malware that are designed to steal the passwords and credit card details of the users. These malware are known as Trojans. Detecting Trojans can be very difficult. However, they exist and have caused many people problems. This is why you really need to have a strong antivirus to protect your device.

Obtaining Antivirus Safety for Your Devices

This same internet where you can attract or welcome all malware is the home to the best antivirus apps with unique features for all devices and users.

There is Norton Antivirus which provides the users with the best level of protection against all types of malware and also guards your device when it visits dangerous websites. It has been designed to scan all apps downloaded to your device and make sure they are safe to use. There is also a firewall feature it comes with that safeguards all coming and going connections from your device. This helps to prevent hackers from stealing important info. Norton is available for all devices – PCs, Smartphones and tablets.

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Microsoft has also introduced Microsoft Security Essentials. This is a malware protector and has over the years protected Windows OS devices from antivirus attacks. This app allows device scanning to get rid of all dangerous files and malware.

The AVG antivirus protector has also been designed for all devices like PCs, tablets and Smartphones. Depending on the specific AVG app you download, the features will differ. However, they have all been designed to give you the level of safety you need.