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It is the time of the year when people get enormously interested in the features and specifications that the new iPhone 6 is going to offer.

Apple has always tried to launch the new iPhone in the month of September and it appears that the iPhone 6s is set to arrive sooner rather than later.

There have been rumors that Apple would not be coming with the iPhone 6s. Instead, the company seems to be planning ahead and going straight for the iPhone 7.

In some ways, it will be a similar approach to that taken by Microsoft when it comes to launching the new version of Windows. If Apple does decide to stick with the linear nomenclatures, the iPhone 6s could be the next in line.

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The major talking point will be the screen size, which has seen a lot of revisions in recent generations. The present 4.7 inch screen size on the iPhone 6 has come a long way from the 3.5 inch displays of old. Even though it may not offer a significant bump in terms of pixel density, it has been one of the benchmarks in the segment. This, however, has changed in recent years with the launch of phones having the QHD resolution up their sleeves. It remains to be seen if this intense competition has affected Apple in the same way that the large displays of competitors prompted the company to provide the same.


A bump to full HD resolution on the iPhone 6s maybe the way to go with the QHD resolution reserved for the iPhone 6s Plus with its much larger display. There have been rumors that a cheaper version of the iPhone could also be in the making and this would ideally replace the iPhone 5C.

This may not be the case if the latest rumors are to be believed. Apple appears more intent on strengthening its market share in the higher end segment. The iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus have proved to be huge hits in their own regard and there does not seem to be the need for a cheaper version right now.


Recent generations of the iPhone have not brought significant changes to the processing department and this is likely to be the same case with the upcoming iPhones as well. The previous generation came with the A8 processor and the upcoming device could feature the A9 processor with possible changes to the clock speed and architecture.

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Since the iOS continues to remain as one of the highly efficient operating systems, Apple appears to have reached a point when significant difference in performance cannot be brought about.


However, the company can improve the camera aspect of the device even better. The eight megapixel rear camera has been a standard feature for several generations, but it could be improved to a 12 megapixel sensor in the coming iPhone 6s. Pricing is likely to be on the higher side compared to the current generation.