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Formerly known as Shockwave Flash, Adobe Flash has won the respect and admiration of the users all over the world due to its features.

It is a software platform used in creating animations, browser games, vector graphics, mobile apps and desktop apps.

Adobe Flash is used more in the advertising industry today. It shows graphics and texts with animations. The app also permits streaming of both video and audio clips.

Due to this, creative firms are relying more on flash technology for sites that are flashier. Rather than simply reading what the services of businesses online are in plain text, websites now have a way to make their pages more exciting and attractive.


Recently, Adobe Flash released its new Adobe Flash Player 18 version. This new version has been designed to deliver consistent, engaging and elegant video and audio playbacks, universal reach and the very best user experience. There are some brand new features the Adobe Flash Player 18 introduces as well.

Should Adobe Flash Player Be Used on My Website?

Yes, you definitely need to use the Adobe Flash Player on your site, however, this should be because you feel there is the need to. If your website does not have heavy animations and music content, you might not be making much sense building it with Adobe Flash or any other type of Flash software.

Advantages of Adobe Flash Player 18

The main advantage of using Adobe Flash 18 is that, it helps to give your site a more interactive and expressive outlook. With interactive features that Flash offers, like games, movies and feedback forms; your website will become attractive to visitors.

Also, it is designed to be compatible with many different browsers. This makes it very easy to use. Flash Player offers a lot of flexibility and diversity where video and audio playing is concerned.

Disadvantages of Adobe Flash Player 18

Although there are so many advantages of this Flash Player, there are some disadvantages as well. Sites that make use of Flash technology have always been slower than the sites that do not use it. Websites with Flash technology take very long to load and this can turn visitors off. Also, in order to watch flash movies, Flash Player needs to be installed. This can make the visitors feel disappointed and they will not visit your site again.

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Bottom Line

In all, there is no doubt that Adobe Flash Player 18 is a better version of the previous versions Adobe has introduced into the market.

So, go ahead and install it to make your visitors happy and also to be able to access Flash files online easily.