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If you have been facing some issues with Mozilla while using YouTube or any other Adobe flash player related games, you are not alone. The problem has occurred very recently with the launch of a new version — Adobe flash player 18.

In an update, Mozilla has blacklisted Flash on the Firefox web browser which means this rich media will remain disabled, by default. However, the change will still allow you to manually enable the Flash pug-in, if you desire to do so, but the shift will send you a clear message that Firefox views Flash as an unessential technology in today’s HTML5 developed internet.

Mozilla has made the decision to ban the Adobe Flash Player considering the safety of their users’ private data, as well as to ensure a smooth browsing experience while using Firefox. Google Chrome is currently using the integrated Flash Plugin, version 18.0.023.


However, Firefox users can avoid the ban by choosing to enable Flash through Mozilla. To do this, users need to click on the Add-on button in their menu and then click on plug-in. In doing this, you will get a notification from Mozilla recommending you to choose to enable Flash protected mode after adding the Flash player to the browser.

Ban on Adobe Flash— a big blow to the reputation of Adobe
Adobe tried to come up with a solution to combat this problem in the form of a .209 extension that would support the browser, but the ban has not been lifted and Firefox decided to check the application thoroughly. This has been a major blow to the reputation of the Adobe Flash Player. The company, which takes pride in offering flawless flash service, has now undergone a lot of pressure from other companies and software developers as now HTML5 is taking over the internet market.

However, this is not the first time that it has happened. Some previous versions of the Adobe Flash Player, specifically, the Flash Flayer 16 was the main cause of turmoil among the users whose security details were leaked out due to problem with Flash.

Mozilla has declared a ban on all versions of the Adobe Flash Player on their browser. In fact, the latest version of Flash 18.0.203 is also on the blacklist of Mozilla Firefox. Only the version number 18.0.209 is still working on Firefox because i8t has not been added to the blacklist yet. However, if any issues are found, the browser will block this as well.

Issues related with Adobe Flash Player

Security is the sole reason for banning Adobe Flash Player. Apple founder, Steve Jobs found a dispute against this platform in the year 2010, followed by Apple’s most controversial decision to not to support Flash on iPad and iPhones. Since then, many promising websites like YouTube have shifted from Flash to HTML5 and JavaScript.

adobe-flash-player-multimedia (1)

Recently, Mozilla on its support page has announced that all versions of the Adobe Flash player had been disabled and they were no longer usable. This ban will remain until Adobe addresses the known critical security issue. Mozilla has also explained that it has blocked the Flash Player because the attackers can easily find the security flaws in it to run malicious software on the user’s computer or gain access to their systems. They also said that if the users still wanted to use Flash on trusted websites, they could successfully do so by enabling its plug-in settings.

Adobe has fixed one of its bugs in its latest version, but it still needs to fix many more that have been considered as critical vulnerabilities and the adobe developers are constantly working on it because several hacking issues have been found of late.

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