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Microsoft Windows 10 is a great operating system without a doubt, but the problem is there are far too many bugs.

It has been annoying users lately. While some of them can be fixed only by the developers with the help of patches, there are others that you could avoid on your own.

Battery Life Problems

One of the most common issues associated with any operating system! Whenever there is an update, it tends to affect the battery and Wi-Fi connectivity first. The new Windows is no different,but the issue persists only for a select group of users. If you have been facing battery drain issues on your laptop or tablet, check if the manufacturer has released an update for it. Download it and it should fix the problem.

Windows 10

Another fix is to check the settings to confirm if there are any uploads or downloads going on without your permission. Constant usage could also affect battery.

Default File Association

Users find it extremely annoying to upgrade to a new operating system only to find that all their default programs have been removed. You may have to start from the beginning to assign your music, movies, and image files among everything else. Instead of having to do it with Windows 10 from the beginning, you can consider using this fix.

Go to the Settings app and click on system. You will find an option named Default apps. Click on it to assign them all at once. Similarly, the same can be done by right-clicking on the file in the explorer window and using the conventional ‘open with’ option.

Compatibility Mode

Despite years spent in research and bug fixing, there are still software programs that fail to run on Microsoft’s latest operating system. Just because it doesn’t work doesn’t mean you have to uninstall it and go to Windows 7 or older versions. Instead, right click on the executable file that you want to install and open properties. Within this window, there is a compatibility tab where you could choose an OS of your choice.

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Be it Windows Vista, 7 or something even older, it will emulate the platform to dupe the software. It will work most time but if it doesn’t find another alternative.

Disable Automatic Updates

If you find your PC working properly and most software running without errors, just disable the updates to avoid any future issues. Wait for a couple of months before turning it on again so that you can avoid those wrong patches than a roll in now.