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Viber, a popular messaging app has recently launched a new version 4.4.0 that offers a number of features to the users.

As a messaging app, Viber has undergone many changes since it was launched in the year 2010. This messaging platform does not have only the regular features like other messaging apps but also has taken instant messaging to an all new level with exciting stickers and emoticons that allows you to send messages in more customized way. Presently, there are around 200 million Viber users are located in 193 countries of the globe.

It is easy to use application with a powerful sound and graphics engine. It comes with a plethora of innovative features that make communication fun-filled. If you have already done experimentation with a number of instant messaging apps, but none of them stood on your expectations, you should not delay in downloading the new version 4.4.0 of Viber.

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Read on to know the exciting features of this new version.

Features of Viber 4.4.0

  • Fixed Bugs: Viber is an advanced instant messaging app that affects the lives of millions of its users.  This version is working well on all multimedia devices such as smartphones, computers, and tablets. Its newly improved system 4.4.0 has fixed numerous bugs that improved the users’ experience.
  • Compared to older versions, this new version Viber rarely crashes. Whether you install it on your desktop computer or mobile phone, you will be able to communicate with your friends and co-workers without worrying about its malfunctioning.
  • Highly advanced engine: apart from its older versions, Viber 4.4.0 comes with an advanced sound engine. With it, you can make smooth HD video calls, chat, video conference with up to 100 users at one go. Besides this, if you like multimedia messaging and texting, this new version will benefit you enormously. Its improved graphics and short messaging systems are highly powerful and advanced. It is also easy to use and responsive in comparison to traditional text messaging services. If you don’t have  money to make a call, but you need to talk with someone urgently who is located miles away you can easily send them messages or share high-resolution photographs by using computer or mobile’s data traffic.
  • Viber 4.4.0 supports call transfer between devices and in doing so; it does not require aninvitation, registration or password. Once you synchronize your phone, you can easily transfer contacts, stored conversation or use mobile stickers in just a click of a button.
  • Simple Interface: Viber 4.4.0 has developed a simple interface by making slight changes to its layout. This changing layout has not only improve user friendliness and but also make an overall appeal. Its well-placed screen is perfect for text screaming, chatting and video calling. Its text box is highly advanced and responsive. While it conveniently organized tools on its sidebar, it allows you to do multitask while calling, messaging or video chatting. The color scheme is truly amazing. Its point and click interface eases its use and therefore, makes it a user-friendly application.

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With all these features, Viber 4.4.0 is now one of the most-used messaging application around the world. It is easy to use, free and has many advanced and innovative features that will surely enhance the user’s experience while communicating with friends and family. To enjoy these features, you need to install this app on your device and make sure that it is authentic and optimized.

However, you must research well and download from a reputable website to avail all new features of this new version.

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