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The new Galaxy Tab S2 was recently unveiled by Samsung and it will hit the retailer’s shelves this current month. But before your make your purchase, we thought it would be a good idea to analyze the latter device and compare it with the iPad Air 2.

Design & Display

Finally, Samsung has decided to mirror the iPad 4’s 4:3 aspect ratio. This means an enhanced reading experience. As far as the materials are concerned, the Tab S2 comes with shinny silver metal sides that once again tend to mirror the Apple’s ideas in terms of design, the latter also comes with a metal back case. And it can be a bit disappointing to some users, because Samsung devices were special due to their distinct features.

The Tab S2 measures the following: 9.3×6.7×0.22 inches (HWD) and tips the scale at 13.7 ounces while the iPad Air 2 measures: 9.4×6.6×0.24 inches and it weighs 15.4 ounces.

Galaxy-Tab-S2 (1)

Ultra-sharp displays characterize both the Galaxy Tab S2 and the Apple iPad Air 2. They have identical resolution, this being 2048×1536 and 264 ppi. However, the Samsung tablet has a Super AMOLED tech while the Apple one has opted for an IPS and its personal Retina Display.


Now let’s take a closer look at what’s under the hood: the Tab S2 has an Exynos 5433 octa-core (clocked at1.9GHz + 1.3GHz) processor, 3GB RAM, and a 5,870mAh battery whereas the iPad Air 2 has 2GB RAM and a much larger 7,340mAh battery. Users will get 802.11ac Wi-Fi on both tablets (on 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands)

Operating System &Software

The Tab S2 functions on Android 5.0 Lollipop and according to the company, a fingerprint sensor was included as well apparently to ensure protection of the device. The iPad Air 2 of course runs of iOS. The Tab S2 also comes with a dual-app Pop-Up Window, which is a great addition if you normally multitask. Also, expect the classic Samsung customization elements to run on the Tab S2.

The Tab S2 has Microsoft Office Solutions already loaded (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote). You can get your hands on the Microsoft Office for free on the iPad, and do not exclude Apple’s office apps either.

Cameras & Storage

On the Galaxy Tab S2 you will find an 8 MP back camera and a 2.1 front MP one. The camera integrated in the iPad Air 2 also has a f/2.4 aperture and a hybrid IR filter (this is the back one) whereas the front camera has a f/2.2 aperture.

The Tab S2 will be sold in 2 models, first you have the 9.7 inch one and then there is the 8 inch version. They will have the 32 GB which is 2 times bigger than the iPad Air 2’s storage option. And you also have the possibility of expanding the storage via microSD( up to 128 GB), something you cannot do with the Air 2 device. As far as the internal memory is concerned, you have only 64 GB for the Tab S2 whereas for the iPad Air 2 you get up to 128 GB.

iPad Air 3

Final thoughts:

Although the Galaxy Tab S2 seems to be a good tablet, it might disappoint some of you. Samsung’s device might be considered as a mere copy cat of the iPad Air 2, we are referring here to the design. Even if the hardware of the Tab S2 lacks originality, Samsung does a pretty good job in this particular area.

Also the standard software customizations added in the Tab S2 set it apart from the iPad Air 2 and there is the operating system distinctness as well.

But, in the end it will all come down to the price tag. So let’s just say that if the price will be the same one as the iPad’s ($499), if you get the Samsung tablet you’ll own a tablet with bigger storage option, which will also be a lot lighter, plus it will rock a fancy AMOLED display.