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While Sony has been shuffling a lot of things and trying to stay ahead in the competitive market, they have also been undertaking new initiatives to strengthen their position.

The Playstation Now service is one of them which have been helping the company make steady revenue for some time now. With this subscription, players will be able to enjoy a whole range of library available on the Playstation 3 console remotely on a Playstation 4, PS Vita handheld console besides a couple of certified HD smart televisions.

For this service, one has to pay a monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription costs which is worth it if you have never owned a PS3 console and like to try thousands of games available on it.

Launching in Japan


The Playstation Now service is now in a beta phase in Japan. Console gaming has never been the forte in recent times in the country, and Sony wants to revive it by introducing something noteworthy. They believe that the service will convince players to jump on this bandwagon and explore the games they have to offer.

Besides, Playstation 4 has sold in good numbers despite the sluggish market conditions. Many of them are new buyers who have never had a PS3, whichwarrants a subscription to the Now service.

For people who live in Japan, now is the time to visit the official website and subscribe to a beta access code. They will soon receive it which has to be redeemed to explore the games available in the beta channel. Sony has confirmed that there will be a couple of games including Tokyo Jungle, The Last Guy and the Puppeteer among others.

Once you enter the beta, you will have access to the service for three whole weeks to explore them and see how good the service is. It is a good opportunity to explorethe quality of games available, streaming quality and customer support in this limited period. The beta opens on August 20th and will continue till September.


Official Launch Date

Sony has not announced an official launch date for the PlayStation Now service in Japan. It is expected to go live after the beta ends but not immediately. The service may get launched in the next one or two months or probably during the holiday season towards the end of 2015.

Will it grab the attention of gamers who are now busy with smartphones and tablets?