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Are you prepared to embrace the future? Because you can’t hide from the latest technological innovations and in the end, you’ll be tempted to try them, no matter how much money you’ll spend on them. Virtual reality is slowly entering our homes and more companies are creating headsets to offer their users a unique experience. Most of them are buying them to play games, but these headsets are also capable of many other things.


The sport version of Oculus, which will be released in 2016, will come with two OLED displays that will support a resolution of 1080 x 1200 pixels for each eye. It will have a 90Hz refresh rate and will consume 233 million pixels/second. It will have a 360-degree positional head tracking, it will support a 100-degree field of view and you will need to plug it into a computer with these technical requirements: Intel i5-4590 processor backed by 8GB of RAM, which has 2x USB 3.0 ports and HDMI 1.3 video output.

Conference goer uses Sixense motion capture technology and an Oculus Rift to experience immersive virtual reality
Conference goer uses Sixense motion capture technology and an Oculus Rift to experience immersive virtual reality

The HTC Vive will support the same resolution on each display, but it will have over 70 sensors and will operate in a 15ftx15ft tracking space, in case you’ll use a wireless camera. It will have front-facing cameras which will scan the area for static or moving objects so you won’t collide into them when you’re moving around. You will connect it to a computer, via an HDMI cable.


The Oculus Rift – sport model, will feature adjustable Velcro straps and will be more compact. The headphones are removable and they sit on the sides of the device. The design isn’t extraordinary, but it’s more refined than that of the HTC Vive.

The HTC Vive comes with 37 visible sensors on the front side and they connect to the infrared WiFi cameras. It has also adjustable Velcro straps and comfortable padding on its faceplate, but its body is bulkier and it feels more uncomfortable.


The Rift will be shipped with an Xbox One controller, but it will be compatible with Touch controllers as well, and they have a cool half-moon design and a natural haptic feedback. The manufacturer will need to improve the Oculus Touch, because currently, there are some serious issues, especially related to the wireless connection, which drops from time to time.

The HTC Vive has some controllers with a traditional design, featuring an analog trigger for the index finger, while the thumb will use the wheel to scroll through menus, to adjust the zoom etc.


Until now, there were created 200 games that will run exclusively on the Oculus Rift, and some of the names are Airmech VR and EVE: Valkyrie. Soon, there will be more games added to the headset, but the big downside of Oculus is that it’s not backed by the famous digital distribution platform, Steam.

Minecraft Oculus Rift , WhatsApp Windows 10, Minecraft


The HTC Vive, which has been developed in collaboration with SteamVR has so far 171 compatible games, but the Steam store will contain a lot more, once the device will get released. The big advantage of the HTC Vive is that you will be able to connect it to a computer running on Windows, Linux and OS X, while the Rift supports only Windows 7 or higher.

Release dates and prices

The Oculus Rift will come in Q1 2016, but you can pre-order it and the Development Kit 2 models have a price of $350. For the Oculus Touch controllers you will pay at least $100 more. Remember that you will need a computer with advanced hardware specs, and if you need to buy a new one, you will spend at least $1,000.

The HTC Vive will be released around Christmas, but its price hasn’t been unveiled.