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The all new instant messaging app Telegram is giving a tough competition to WhatsApp.

This app allows you to play media from different sources such as YouTube, Sound Cloud, and Vimeo without having the need to leave the app. You just only need to tap on the preview of a link, and you can watch video or listen to the audio automatically.

Telegram has made this announcement that the app is cloud based and heavily encrypted. However, users are still worried about the security of this application. Just because an app says it is secure does not mean that your messages can be copied or saved.


However, starting from a stronger base always lowers the risk of security breach. If you are concerned about the security of WhatsApp, then Telegram also worth a look.

If you compare the security features of the telegram with WhatsApp, here you will get to know some useful features that will surely make Telegram better than WhatsApp.

How telegram is more secure than Whatsapp

  1. The founders of Telegram are very much confident about its security. They are offering around $200,000 bounties to anyone who can breach the security protocol of this app. On the other hand, WhatsApp is more prone to attacks and hacks and, therefore, its security has no match with Telegram.
  2. Telegram is faster than WhatsApp. Of late, some complaints are coming from the user’s end that WhatsApp is getting slow. It is taking much time to share a video or photo. But, those who are using telegram for a long time; say that the feature never goes down.
  3. Telegram lets you talk secretly. This new messaging app allows you to send end to end encrypted messages with a self-delete option. You just need to go to Contact > select new secret chat. Select contact person and start talking.
  4. Telegram never shows add. This is not a profit making organization, and therefore it runs on founder’s money. It will ask you for donations instead of charging you for operating this app.
  5. Users can keep their data. Telegram is a heavily encrypted and secure app. No one can index your data and use it to get better ads.
  6. Telegram desktop app is available. This is the best feature of this app. Unlike WhatsApp that has a closed operating system for desktop computer users, Telegram has an API and thus you can easily download this app to your desktop.

Besides having all these features, researchers have found vulnerability into it. This Telegram chat is not ended to end securely. To establish a secure chat, the makers need to compare the security measures with visual fingerprints. A security researcher has recently made a statement that attackers can easily retrieve Telegram messages from devices even when the chats have been deleted permanently. Therefore, it imposed a big security threat to this application.

Today, the demand for secretive chat service is growing at a fast pace. Telegram like various instant messaging apps highlights the risk of sharing confidential data through online service. Telegram claims that more than 40 million people, including business organizations are using this app to send an average of 1 billion messages every day.


However, this app is not that much popular in the United States, but still within a limited space of time, it has received worldwide acceptance.

Therefore, from the above discussion, it appears that Telegram is a useful app for sending text and multimedia messages on Android, Windows, and iOS. However, it is difficult to conclude that it is a secure alternative to Line, WhatsApp, and other messaging applications.