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Without Adobe Flash Player, it would be difficult to watch or stream videos as well as Rich Internet Applications, multimedia, and audio.

Initially, the software was the product and creation of Macromedia. However, Adobe Systems Inc took over the control and development of the software.

However, a number of concerns have arisen concerning the ability of the software to guarantee and not compromise the security and privacy of any person using it. It is worth delving into the details regarding such an issue concerning the millions of people who use the software.

Checking Validity

The first step you must take is to check if the copy of Adobe Flash Player in your hands is valid or not. This issue is important bearing in mind that the software keeps asking users to update it. The ability to determine the safety and security of the updated software is vital in terms of ensuring that your privacy is not compromised. It is common to come across the request asking you to update a few plug-ins before watching the video that interests you in particular websites or with specific web browsers.


Be Careful with Malware Authors

Malware authors have found a way of accessing websites and different online accounts by posting links to sites they claim the valid Adobe Flash Players. This is why the concern regarding the safety of Java has gone up quite considerably for some time now. The concerns have not been limited to Java alone.

Apple has taken the drastic measure of blocking the older versions of the Flash Player. This explains why the Flash plug-in was never a part of iOS from the beginning as Apple had realized the safety, security and privacy concerns it was creating.

Why iOS is Much Safer

The step that Apple took to exclude Adobe Flash Player from iOS and all its devices helped keep them safe from attacks by malware authors. On the other hand, these issues have not affected the popularity of Flash.

Users keep receiving commands asking them to update the software before accessing websites and browsers. To avoid compromising your security and privacy online, it is imperative to learn how to verify the authenticity of any Flash player that you have in your possession. A different method of verification exists for each type of web browser.

Avoid Compromised Flash Player

To reduce or eliminate the likelihood of ending up with a compromised Adobe Flash Player, it is important to update it right from the original publisher. In this regard, you should only trust the Flash Player that you obtain from Adobe’s website.


Malware authors are constantly looking for ways through which to convince you to trust the plug-in that they want you to download and install on your machine or device. Never trust whatever you do not obtain directly from Adobe as it could damage your security and privacy online or lead to identity theft.

What this shows is that if you are to continue enjoying safety, security and privacy while browsing with your Smartphone, computer, laptop or tablet, any update required for Adobe Flash Player must take place from the official Adobe website. Never trust any Flash player that you obtain from other third-party sources.