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The release of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus is right around the corner, but until now, Apple managed to keep its mouth shut regarding their specs. Nobody from the inside dared to give information and we relied on speculations to get an idea about the changes that will be made to these two models.

Thankfully, recently, the Apple reseller MacManiack had the chance to see and touch a complete iPhone 6S fascia and even made a video about it.

iPhone 6S vs. iPhone SE

According to MacManiack, there is a new access panel to the display which was adapted for Force Touch integration, the digitizer connectors are different, suggesting that the fingerprint sensor has been upgraded, and it seems that the Touch ID circuitry was integrated into the LCD screen.

On the back of the display was glued a protective plate, but the biggest change is the larger front facing camera. It isn’t sure if the effect was caused by the light, or Apple actually plans to increase the 1.2MP sensor up to 5MP or higher. We agree that this upgrade is necessary, because the current front camera from the iPhone 6 is outperformed by the cameras from many rivals.

The video showing the display of the iPhone 6S can be watched below:

We don’t know if the fascia iPhone presented by MacManiack is real or fake, but we heard from the Wall Street Journal that Apple had planned to get hold of 85-90 million iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus units before launching them in September. This means that the mass production has started and the panels from the videos are genuine.

Rumored specs

Both of the iPhones will have the same screen sizes as the current phones: 4.7inches and 5.5inches, but they will be equipped with Force Touch technology, which will allow the users to find options in menus more easily, through menu “shortcuts”.

The rear camera is rumored to be upgraded to 12MP and will offer quality to rival a DSLR, and which will record 1080p video at 60fps, and 240fps in slow motion mode. The new iPhones will be powered by a new A9 processor which was produced by Samsung, and will come with a double RAM capacity.