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Google Maps has transformed the way people relate and communicate all over the world.

In the past, members of a family would only be able to share their exact locations with each other by calling or texting. However, with this app from Google, family members no longer have to torture their thumbs and fingers texting each other constantly about their whereabouts.

If you are driving, there is no need to answer calls or respond to text messages from your family members asking your whereabouts. However, how can you use Google Maps to enjoy peace of mind?

Viewing the Street before Visiting

Google Maps has Street View. This feature makes it possible for any person to view a street that he intends to visit beforehand. What this does is that it enables you to avoid the stress that is common when wondering how a street looks like. Moreover, this feature is much easier to use as it only requires tapping.


Furthermore, with this feature, you can move on any street that you would like to visit before getting there. More importantly, you can view the street from different angles by dragging on the screen of your Smartphone.

Enjoying Armchair Tourism

There are times when Street View does more than provide you with the opportunity of viewing a street before visiting it. The feature on Google Maps allows users to embark on armchair tourism safe from the comforts of their seats. With the iPhone device, you will enjoy some of the most breathtaking sites surrounding the street you intend to visit.

A few of such sites include the Colorado River, Venice and Angkor Vat to mention but a few. If you want to see all the sites that you can visit as part of the armchair tourism, do not hesitate to check the Google website.

Obtaining Local Information

Obtaining local information can be hard to do. This is despite the fact that such information could determine the success or failure of your tour of the local streets. Google Maps helps visitors obtain such vital information and use it to decide whether to continue with the trip or not. The app contains several features with which you can define distances, time of day or type of travel to embark on from the Smartphone. Moreover, the app enables you to acquire information regarding places to eat as well as things to do.

Panning and Zooming the Map

With a single swipe, Google Maps allows you to not only pan but also zoom the map of the area you intend to visit soon. Zooming and panning would then provide you with better and more in-depth details regarding the streets and areas that you plan to visit. You can zoom out or in depending on your preferences. Moreover, with this feature, the app ensures that you do not have to keep pinching and ‘unpinching’ to pan or zoom the map as a way of learning more about the areas you would like to visit.


Therefore, it is no wonder that Google Maps can provide you with peace of mind based on the different functions that it enables users to perform. The fact that the app enables you to learn more about the places and streets you would like to visit ensures that you enjoy peace of mind and have no reason for embarking on worry sessions.

For these reasons and more, you should install the app on your Smartphone or other similar devices today and begin using it to impress friends and family with remarkable details and knowledge of different places around the world.