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Google Play Store is home to several amazing apps that have emerged as some of the most popular globally in 2015.

The store is full of several applications as well as software that any person with an Android gadget can download, install and use.

However, this is not to say that the process is a smooth one. As many people who have tried to download the apps will bear witness, identifying the applications to use and knowing where to find them are just but two of the most common challenges with which they have to deal. So, what is the best strategy to use?

Base the choice on Categories

The applications found on Google PlayStore are available based on their appropriate categories. What this means is that you will not have a difficult time identifying specific apps that you need for your Android device. All that you have to do is conduct a search for the appropriate categories that you need.


Afterwards, you can identify the apps based on the preferred category. If the entire process looks pleasant at this stage, do not hesitate to proceed with the download of your preferred app, install it on your device, and enjoy using it.

Improve your Understanding of the Apps

A close examination of the apps found on the Internet and Google PlayStore today will reveal that several applications are not only similar but also serve the same purpose. For this reason, you need a good understanding of how to operate the apps and their functionalities.

You need as much information as possible about the apps. Lack of information would make it harder for you to identify the best apps to download and use. A better understanding makes it much easier to know what to do prior to downloading, when downloading, installing and using the apps.

Reading Reviews

Reading reviews by other users and visiting different online forums would also increase your knowledge regarding the apps to download, install and use on your Android device. Reading reviews and the opinions of other users say on different forums is all about undertaking in-depth research so that you can make an informed decision regarding the apps to download, install and use from Google PlayStore.

The research will provide you with information regarding the best-performing apps, thus enabling you to leave the ones struggling with different issues.

Base Your Choice on the App’s Features and Specifications

Before choosing any app on Google PlayStore, it would be great to base the selection on what each application has in terms of features and specifications. The suitability of a particular app to you depends on the features and specifications that it has. Check the requirements to avoid downloading and installing an app that does not fit what you need. Check that the app has requirements that match the capabilities of the Android device that you own. The features and specs of each app determine whether you shall enjoy installing and using it or not.

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Therefore, it is clear that with better and more in-depth research, identifying the appropriate app to not only download from Google PlayStore, but also install and use on your Android device will be a much easier process.

For these reasons, you need to spend plenty of time researching each app to avoid the mistake of downloading and installing applications that do not meet the basic requirements or capabilities of your Android device.