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The VP of Bethesda Softworks claimed that the upcoming Fallout 4 game will also deliver enhanced perks. These perks will permit the gamers to figure out a thoughtful customization of their main characters.

With the start of a campaign, gamers get to choose the specials, which are now available courtesy of the new added perks system. So every time the gamer reaches a new level, a different and new perk can be chosen.  So, these new additions will allow each character in the game to progress differently from the rest, thus diversity will be key in Fallout 4.

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So, those who will decide to expand the strength to 10 points for instance, will be granted access to a special perk that the rest of the gamers might not have. Thus, your character in the game will be unique right from the start.

In Fallout 4, you will find 270 perks, however once your character will go through the levels and progress, the perks you can pick will be narrowed down. And you will also see the line-up of the perks, so this will give you a heads-up on how to plan the progress of your character in the game. The good thing about this is that Bethesda will not limit the players so if they can play for several hours in a row, they can get every single perk available in the game.

Back in the former Fallout 3 version, the gamers could only reach level 30, so they were a bit limited when it came down to the progress of their characters.

Release date, Special Editions & Costs for Fallout 4

After Bethesda’s E3 2015 press meet-up, the official launch date for the game will be November the 10th. The game will roll out on platforms such as PC, Xbox One and PS4. Buying the PC version of the game will cost £37.85, but downloading it will cost you £49.99 while for the Xbox version of the game as well as the PS4 one, they will be priced at £49.99.

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Note: these prices are listed on Amazon UK. These prices are for the basic edition of the Fallout 4, however there is also a more attractive collection out there, which is the Pip-Boy Edition. The latter edition of the game will end up costing you £100, but it will come packed with a real Pip-Boy duplicate. The Pip-Boy Edition also includes the Pip-Boy Pocket Guide, a Vault-Tec Perk fun poster and it comes nicely wrapped in a Power Armour Collectible metal case.

The orders for the latter surpassed Bethesda’s expectations and the sad part is that the factories cannot make any more, according to VP Pete Hines.