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Recently advanced warfare released an update which brought 3 new guns to the game, with the interesting twist that these weapons are only available through supply drops and advanced supply drops. This was a very mixed update in terms of its reception, but the message was clear; new weapons will be introduced to the game like this in the future, as a way of encouraging micro transactions in exchange for new content.

A fortunate benefit of this decision is that the weapons are all very unique weapons which are deliberately designed to be tricky to use, meaning you can choose to ignore them or enjoy using them without too much of a disadvantage either way.

Anyway, when the first set of weapons were announced they came with the clear message that more would in fact be coming in future. These “more weapons” will be the target of todays speculation, because there are a variety of fun weapons which have been asked for and seen as too ridiculous during the history of previous Call of Duty games, so here are a few potential new weapons for Advanced Warfare

#1 – Fully Automatic Sniper Rifle


Bolt action sniper rifles are the favourite amongst snipers, with semi automatics allowing people with less precise shots the ability to get some similar killing action.

There has never been a true fully automatic sniper rifle before, and although the idea might seem ridiculous it only needs one “balancing factor” attached to it to make it a more reasonable weapon. This could be more recoil, a very small magazine (4 or 5 rounds) a low fire rate more comparable to a semi automatic, or just a two bullet kill to encourage accuracy, just in a slightly different form.

#2 – SMG with a MASSIVE clip


One of the old defining traits of SMG’s were their magazine sizes, with some weapons like the skorpion having just 20 rounds to a clip, and some weapons like a P90 having more like 50-75.

Although this has to be balanced into the weapon, using the weapon with a larger magazine can be much more fun, so a P90 style remake would be a much appreciated feature, especially with some weapon variants that take it a step even further like 60-100 rounds to a clip once extended mags is included.

#3 – Shotgun Secondary Pistol


Black ops 2 had the executioner as a secondary, and it generally wasn’t considered to be too useful of a weapon, despite being a literal pocket shotgun, and this hints that a more powerful weapon would be a fun and viable alternative. This could also be the first true DLC secondary, and allow people to have some alternative to the range of unusable pistols the game currently includes.

So, these are just 3 potential designs for a future weapon coming to the game, we don’t know the exact date on any new features but we do know we can expect something cool!