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It’s a pretty intimidating task to search for the best Android apps since the Google PlayStore has become overloaded with so many of them. Now there’s an app available for almost anything – whether you’re searching for a photo editor, a new keyboard, a launcher – there’s an app that can cater every need of yours.

But the problem is that there are too many of them. Although there are categories available at the PlayStore that can help you with your downloading (categories such as, Best Selling, Top Paid, Top Free, Featured, and Editor’s Picks), it is still quite difficult to find the best ones. So, for your help, we have come up with a list for the top apps for every purpose.

Here are the best apps of 2015 for Android phones:

  1. Spotify


One of the best media apps for Android is Spotify. This is a great Android app for streaming music online, its free and now comes with some updated features such as a new user interface which is similar to the free desktop version of the app, Facebook integration, a huge song library of above 20 million tracks where you can stream more music for free, plus a subscription of $9.99 per month for the premium version that allow users to save unlimited number of tracks for listening offline.

  1. Tuber


If you’re looking for a good alternative app for YouTube, then you must look for this one! Tuber is worth giving a look – you can easily watch your subscribed channels on this app just as you do on Youtube. With Tuber, there’s no need to sort through new, suggested or sponsored videos anymore to get access to the content you want to watch.

  1. Evernote


Who hasn’t heard of Evernote? It is one of the extremely popular, unique and best note-taking app for Android. Evernote lets users upload everything ranging from notes, pictures, documents, lists to PDF files, voice reminders and audio. Being a strong, virtual note-taking tool, Evernote organizes your life in a much flawless manner.

  1. Pushbullet


Another useful little app is Pushbullet. It comes with a browser extension that lets users to share files, links, notifications and other important stuff easily between your mobile and desktop. This smart app sends users their mobile’s notifications like messages and calls straight to their computer, and in return lets users share links, notes and important files across all of their devices.

  1. Focus


If you want to have an unbelievable type of gallery that is completely tuned for efficiency, speed and accessibility then you should have the Focus app installed on your Android. With Focus, you can tag your photos in order to keep them organized through its one-of-a-kind tagging feature. You can also get access to any picture, gif image, or video on your mobile’s storage from the main screen through this app.

  1. Cloudifile


Cloudifile is a useful app for those who are looking for improved and more secure cloud storage for their documents and files. This amazing Android app synchronizes the folders on your desktop with Dropbox, encrypts them, and lets you access those folders while uploading new files on the move.

  1. Splory


Yet another great Android app is Splory – it makes it easy for people to plan an event and invite other people like your friends or coworkers. This app is especially designed for people to plan their meet ups. It also includes “suggested events” in close by areas that are accessible by strangers. With Splory, users are ranked depending on their history, plus it’s a convenient way to remind your contacts what you need.