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Progressing in Candy Crush Saga game on all levels is what most players of the game wish for.

However, for some this never happens. Knowing the right tips and tricks surrounding Candy Crush Saga however can make everything clear for you. This is why reading and finding more about the different levels in the game matters most.

Before you begin to play the game, make sure you have all three lollipop candies being offered or available for free. Nevertheless, try not to waste these candies, because you cannot get it back if you misuse them. These three lollipops can be used to get through levels that are quite complicated to cross. It is a common knowledge that the first few levels of every game are quite easy and crossing them can be very easy even when you do not use boosters.

candy-crush-saga (1)

However, after you cross level 30, everything moves faster and the game can be very tough.

Limited Moves Levels

Most levels in Candy Crush Saga come with limited moves for players to make in completing the entire game. In such levels, there is the need for you to prioritize and make correct matches. In making these matches, make sure powerful matches are made mainly at the end of the screen. This will make it very easy for your board to shuffle and give you more matches to win.

Just make sure under such levels, one match leads to another amazing opportunity. Never waste a single move, because every move counts.

Try to Create More Power Combos

Matches can be made by combining or matching three same colored candies. However, in a lot of levels, matching only three candies is never enough. You need to strategize by making sure the best matches of 4 and 5 same candy colors are brought together.

Score Targets

In all the levels, the score target seems to be quite the easiest to achieve. Here, you do not need to worry so much about the score targets for every game. All you need to do is to meet the aim or achieve the objective. Where clearing jellies are concerned, removing all jellies on board or even all chocolates on board will make it easy for you to achieve the exact score.

Candy-Crush-Milky-Marina (1)

Just try your best to clear all jellies at the bottom. Doing this will end in generating a chain of reaction and better your chances of new candies being introduced from the top – this leads to automatic matches.