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The WhatsApp for iOS device has been finally released and it comes with new features, which we’re pretty sure that everyone will enjoy using them.

In case you own an iPhone, then you should know that by installing the new WhatsApp 2.12.5 on it, you will be able to customize or mute notifications for each chat. In addition, you will also be able to select specific ringtones, Led light notifications, length of vibrations and even pop-up notification for specific users. This way, you will be able to know whenever an important friend is looking for you on WhatsApp without even looking at the screen.


WhatsApp 2.12.5 is now able to backup videos that you receive on the chats. This new feature can be accessed by going to the WhatsApp’s Settings->Chat and Calls->Chat Backup. With other words, all the videos that you receive on WhatsApp will be automatically backed up.

In case you have a stalker that keeps on writing you messages and looks if you’ve read them or not, then you should know that from now on you can mark messages as read or unread by just swiping to the right. This is awesome, because sometimes we’re not in the mood to reply to messages that we’ve just received. So, instead of letting the sender know that you’ve read his/her message without answering back, you can just mark it as unread and avoid a dispute.

WhatsApp 2.12.5 also allows you to directly share your contacts from the Contacts application and locations from the Apple Maps application. In addition, you can now lower the data usage of WhatsApp Voice Calling feature by going to the WhatsApp’s Settings->Chats and Calls.

Also, the new version of WhatsApp for iOS will make the messages that you’ve received earlier automatically load as you scroll through the chats. The developers of WhatsApp also made sure that they improve the design for cropping videos and pictures and use the large map thumbnail for messages that contain locations.

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It is good to know that Google released a new feature for WhatsApp which will allow you to use Google Now in order to dictate a message and send it to a WhatsApp contact. This feature will be great if you are driving and you don’t have the time to stop somewhere to send WhatsApp messages.

Google Now can also be used to send messages on Viber, Telegram, NextPlus and WeChat.