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The Viber Company made a public announcement in which the IM app came out with a brand new update. This update will be accessible for both iOS devotees and Android ones.

What does it include? It comes packed with an improved interface regarding the video call and some other enhancements regarding the voice call.

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According to Ofir Eyal (Viber employee), this new v5.5 update took into consideration the feedback provided by its fans and it also became crystal clear to the company that Viber users “enjoy Viber for more than just text messaging”, he concluded.

Also from the company we found out that it supports 205 million video calls every single month. Users will enjoy some brand new commands and options with the latest update. It is also important to note that Viber is focusing on maintaining the data usage to a pretty low level, which is a definite plus.

Now, a simple audio call will need 48 KB of data/minute if you use a 2G connection. If you’re on a 3G connection it will escalate to a 244 KB limit and on a 4G/ Wi-fi one you’ll have a 416 KB limit.

What’s new is the fact that you can share contacts directly from the phonebook using the Viber message. It’s easier now to share URL links by simply dropping them into the chart along with a sneak-peak of its content.


And last but not least, users also get 500 sticker packs which they can use however they please and they are available all throughout the globe.  It’s a fun and easy way to enrich the content of your message.

The company’s allegation regarding the new v5.5 update is the following: “With improvements to our voice call quality and our video calls interface, plus fun features like animated stickers, we are growing and maintaining a strong global user base by increasing engagement within the app”.