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Today, we can say that we spend the most of our time looking down or straight and not focusing on what’s above us – the sky.

Luckily, we can transform viewing our smartphone screens and rise them up to the sky – exploring the galaxy. Fortunately for us, there are apps for that and today we are reviewing the 5 best of them.

Star Walk 2 – Guide to the night sky

Star Walk’s predecessor was one of the best astronomy apps ever designed, but the second version is even better.


With a modern and neat looking interface, this astronomy app has plenty of extra information apart from exploring – including the ability to tour different parts of the space in 3D! From the comfort of their own home, users today can explore the stars with Star Walk 2, available only on the iOS market free of charge.

Pocket Universe: Virtual Sky Astronomy

Again an iOS app, Pocket Universe offers plenty of features for a price of $2.99. Using the smartphone camera, this app can identify and find anything in the night sky. From a nice gaze of the solar system with a single tap up to the walks of the surface on the moon, the astronomic desire is definitely rising when using Pocket Universe.


Additionally, this app is packed with many other featuers and is extremely easy to be used.

Mobile Observatory

Just as the name implies, Mobile Observatory is an Android app that varies with device. For $4.99, users can get the joy of observing the stars in many options and different screen.


What is interesting with this app is also the great information it holds on many planets, asteroids, stars and more… Simply comprehensive enough and with plentiful information to be explored!

Star Chart

Star Chart is an app available in both App and Play stores and similarly to Mobile Observatory, gives information on the astronomical objects (however, without a charge).


A virtual journey through the stars or maybe picking up information on your most favorite planets is what you can do with Star Chart.

Sky Safari 4

At last, Sky Safari 4 is another great app competing with the ones mentioned above – with an in-depth look of the universe. Apart from information, it contains both historical and scientific data on the galaxy and will let you see the sky above you from any point, as well as to go backwards or forwards in time. Whatever your interest may be, Sky Safari 4 is here to fulfill it!