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Games that involve players running all the time have become a hit in the mobile gaming world today.

Although these games might seem quite tiring, gamers seem to have a good time playing them – no wonder they have huge download figures when checked. Out of all the popular running games available worldwide, Temple Run 2 seems to take the seat and remains one of the most popular never-ending runner games.

Although this game might be seen to be very complicated by some people, it is clearly not. All it involves is running endlessly as you jump, glide and turn right or left. One of the main aims of Temple Run 2 is to gather as many coins as possible. This is because your scores are affected when you obtain more coins.


One very popular question that is asked relating to Temple Run 2 is how players can get more coins. Well, the good news is that, it is possible to get more coins in this game with the right tips.

#1 Get Coins for Free

It is possible to gather or collect coins for free when you are just playing for the very first time. All you need to do is, to go to the in-game application store and click the ‘Get Free Stuff’. You just have to follow some few instructions to get these coins for free. These free coins can be obtained only once. So, when you download and install the game, make sure you check out that option from the store and avail it.

#2 Run, Run, Run…As Much As You Can

When playing Temple Run 2 makes sure you play as much as you can. This is one way you can increase or earn more coins. When you play it this way, you need to consider it as though you are practicing or rehearsing for the main game even as you earn more coins. The more you run, the more you encounter additional coins that are in line for you to collect it.

If you are new to this game, earning fewer coins is a must. However, the more you play and spend on power-ups, the more coins you earn.


#3 Spend More Coins

Most players might not believe that spending some of the coins they collect will help them earn more as time goes on. Try to spend more coins on power-ups, because they will help you in acquiring more coins like coin magnets. This coin magnet will allow you to gather all the coins you collect so that you do not lose them.

In addition to these, you may indulge in several other activities like using the powerups you have obtained, trying to finish all the objectives and trying to avoid hitting the obstacles while running.