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Gmail is used today by more than 950 million people worldwide.

As the days go by, the number continues to increase due to the much awaited Android activation that needs to be spearheaded daily all over the world.

If you have not downloaded and installed the current Gmail application on your Android device, then you are really missing a lot. Where the email world is concerned, Gmail is undoubtedly one of the best and most respectable names.

Best Gmail Features

No wonder the mobile application has gone on to add the feature of logging into another email account like Hotmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc. This is simply one of the many reasons Gmail is loved and appreciated by all who use them.

There are many features that will help you in organizing your emails in an attractive way, send and receive electronic mails easily, and also search for your messages with ease. So, why is it necessary to download and install the current version of Gmail app on your device?

About Gmail Filters

There is no doubt that, Gmail is the best email client currently in the market where organizing emails are concerned. Gmail is designed with filters where emails can be organized depending on their source. Emails from social networking websites will be saved in Social tabs while emails from advertisers, shopping websites and newsletters will be made available in the Promotions tab.

The Primary tab carries all main electronic emails even as the Forums tab is the home for all mailing lists, discussion forums and online groups.

Making Use of Keyboard Shortcuts

You are able to access different Gmail services making use of keyboard shortcuts. Nevertheless, you will have to keep your memories very fresh. The shortcuts are accessible on Gmail or you can obtain them through a simple search on Google. These shortcuts will help you in steering quickly across electronic mails and also responding easily to them.


Making Use of Priority Inbox

If you have realized, your Gmail inbox is mostly flooded with electronic emails that make you feel confused on which emails to open, having a priority inbox device is important.

Making use of priority inbox makes it easy for you to sort out all emails based on priorities setup by you. With this, it becomes very easy for you to read your important emails easily and locate them easily. You can use stars, for instance, to mark emails that are important. It is also necessary to flag emails as spam and they will show in your main inbox.

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