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Google Play store is an application that comes installed on most of the Android devices, but sometimes, it doesn’t work flawlessly, and the users get some cryptic error messages which they don’t know what they mean. They see some numbers and search for their meaning on the internet, to find solutions for these problems.

Below, we’ll tell you about the most common error codes you’ll get on Google Play store and we’ll explain you how to fix them.

Error DF-BPA-09 “Error Processing Purchase”

When you try to download an application and you get this error, you will need to go to Settings>Applications/ App Manager and swipe to the All column, then scroll down to reach Google Services Framework and after selecting Clear Data, tap on OK.


Error Code 495

This error appears when you’re trying to download or update applications from the Play store. The only solution for this problem is to delete the Google Play Store data by going to Settings>Apps>All>Google Play Store>Clear data.

In addition, we recommend you to delete the data from Google Services Framework as well. The ultimate solution is to delete the Google account, then reboot the device and re-add the Google account in Settings>Accounts>Add Account>Google Account.

Error Code 941

When you’re updating an application and you’re interrupted by this error, you need to clear cache and data from Settings>Apps>All>Google Play Store. If you scroll down, clear cache and data from Download Manager, as well, then try to update the application again.

Error Code 504

If you can’t install an application because this error occurs, follow the same steps to clear cache and data. You might want to clear cache and data for Google Services Framework, as well.

Error Code 491

When it’s impossible to download and update applications, remove your Google account from Settings, then reboot your phone and re-add the account. Then, go to Settings > Applications and swipe to find All of the applications. Finally, scroll down until you find Google Services, clear data and force stop.

Error Code 498

This error appears when you’re downloading applications from the Google Play Store, because the cache of your phone is full, so you will need to delete files and applications you no longer need. Then, you will restart the device in recovery mode (press the volume down and power buttons or volume down, power and home buttons, if you own a Samsung phone). Use the volume rocker to navigate between options and select wipe cache. By tapping on the power button, you will confirm this action.

Error Code 919

After downloading an application, you can’t open it because you ran out of space on your phone. The solution is simple: delete unnecessary files such as videos or music or other files.

Error Code 413

Google Play Store Suggest You To Uninstall Rarely Used Applications

If you’re using a proxy, then you will be prevented from downloading and updating applications. In this case, you will need to go to Settings > Apps and swipe to All. Scroll down until you find Google Services and clear data, then you will force stop. We suggest you to clear the cache from the internet browser, as well.