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During times like these, the probability of coming across a lot of instant messaging apps designed for all Smartphones is quite high.

The numbers of individuals that depend on these apps are only increasing as the years go by. Although it was introduced or launched to the world in the year 2010, Viber has come to take over the instant messaging world and have managed to gain immense popularity.

Apart from providing the features found on a regular basis in the messaging apps, Viber outdoes itself by giving the users more features to enjoy.

Some Features of Viber That Are Not Known

For one, this app has smart notifications. So, if you are tired of having many notifications, then you will find this feature to be very useful. This application combines all the notifications for the messages into one smart notification.

viber encryption

There is also the conversation switching feature. For those who love to have multiple chats or conversations using Viber, this application might be very beneficial. This is because it permits the users to switch chat rooms easily. After you enter any chat room, all you need to do is to swipe to the right of the screen’s device.

There are the blocking and unblocking contacts features as well. If you added a friend or a user who has turned out to be very irritating, it will be better for you to have the contact blocked. Once they are blocked, the contact will never be able to have direct chats with you.

Also, they will not be able to contact you through Viber calls. With Viber, it is easy for you to hide your online status as well. All you need to do is to put your online status under the ‘privacy’ category. This way, the other users might not be able to see you when you are not online.

With Viber, the notifications can be turned off. As you attend meetings or classes, turning off your notifications will be the best decision to make. This is the easiest way to stay silent and concentrate on other stuff you need done.

Using Desktop Version of Viber Helps You Stay Connected

To stay connected with your loved ones and friends, you can use Viber. Viber instant messaging app is also available for desktops. So, you can use them on your desktop devices.viber-for-desktop-mac

Install the desktop app which will make it easy for you to keep tabs over the messages even when you do not have a phone readily available.

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