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There are many Android users who travel a lot or they just want to know how the weather will be in the following days, to make plans for short vacations, or to visit new locations.

So, instead of checking the weather on different websites, it’s simpler to just install an application which offers accurate forecasts. Below, there’s a list of the best weather applications.


It can be downloaded from the Google Play store and it features an interactive weather map, moon phases, sunrise/sunset times, and to get information about the current conditions, temperature, precipitation tables etc, you just have to swipe left or right.


There are 18 different overlays and you can add other overlays as well, such as wind speed, radar, heat index, barometric pressure, visibility, wildfires, hurricanes, radar etc. If you want to remove the annoying ads, you will pay $1.99.


It has a simple interface with forecast overview cards displayed vertically which when you tap on them, they offer an interactive slider so that you can get hourly weather information. The application has an animated radar map which will warn you if a storm is coming, but it doesn’t display the Sunrise/Sunset Times or Moon Phases and it doesn’t have widgets. Also, there’s no ad-free version.

Weather Timeline

It has only a Pro version which costs $0.99, but the application is packed with more information than its app rivals, so you’ll get an overview list of cities that interest you, and when tapping on the, you’ll find the timeline, where you’ll scroll vertically to access the weather information for the next seven days. More details you’ll get when tapping on any entry. The weather map is animated and it includes overlays for clouds, radar, temperature, and in the Graph section, you’ll be informed about the weather from your area.


In addition, the Time Machine feature will try to project weather into the future.

Yahoo Weather

It doesn’t have an ad-free version, but it’s still a pretty application, being rich in features and it looks stunning. If you are using Flickr, then you can add pictures of your city, under the current weather conditions, and the photo will become the background for your weather data.


The weather maps contain static radar, clouds, heat and wind speed overlays, and the maximum forecast length is for ten days.


It has an ad-free version that costs $2.98, but you will surely like this application because it has a unique interface. Everytime you slide your finger left or right, you will see an animated screen displaying everything you need to know about the weather conditions, including information related to sunrises, sunsets and offers sounds of raindrops falling or birds chirping. The moon phases are displayed as percentage and there’s animated live wallpaper that depicts current weather.

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