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In case you are into strategy games, then Clash of Clans is surely one of the games you will enjoy playing. The game is available for both Android and iOS devices and is played by a lot of players.

This is a competitive game, so in case you don’t like to fight against other players, then we suggest you to look for another game.

Clash of Clans Update comes with many new features

It seems that the developers have worked a lot in the last months, as in the last update they’ve brought a lot of new features to the game such as: new leagues for high level players, new spells, dragon attacks and even more!


The game is surely going to the right direction and in case the developers from Supercell will keep up the good work, they will surely keep a lot of players interested into the game, but at the same they will make a lot of players to install the game and check it out.

Avoid upgrading the Town Hall right away

Never upgrade Town Hall too fast, because you will end up getting better players and in case you’re not prepared for them, you will start losing raids. At the same time, even if you manage to win a raid and the person has a lower Town Hall then yours, you will get fewer resources as follows:

  • The enemy’s Town Hall is higher or has the same level as yours: 100%
  • The enemy’s Town Hall is 1 level lower than yours: 90%
  • The enemy’s Town Hall is 2 levels lower than yours: 50%
  • The enemy’s Town Hall is 3 levels lower than yours: 25%
  • The enemy’s Town Hall is 4 or more levels lower than yours: 5%.


Resources are very important in Clash of Clans, as you can’t do anything without them. However, the problems is that the more gold and elixir you have available, the more resources another player can get from you, if (s)he raids your village. However, depending on the Town Hall level that your village has, the player who’s attacking will be able to take a percent of the current resources that you have such as:

  • Town Hall level 1-5: 20%
  • Town Hall level 6: 18%
  • Town Hall level 7: 16%
  • Town Hall level 8: 14%
  • Town Hall level 9: 12%
  • Town Hall level 10: 10%

So, in order to avoid being robbed by other players, we suggest you to spend all the gold and elixir resources to build structures and train your army.

Depositing elixirs using Wall Breakers

You can easily “deposit” elixir resources using army troops. Depending on the level that you have on Wall Breakers, they can cost from 1000 up to 3500 elixir. Before you logoff, we suggest you to fill the training spots (make sure that the camps are full also before doing this) with Wall Breakers and this way you will be able to “deposit” all the elixir.

With other words, in case someone raids your village, it will not have access to the elixir that you’ve used to train the Wall Breakers. Once you log into the game, just cancel the training for all those Wall Breakers and you will receive all the invested elixir back.


Joining a Clan and enjoy the “end game”

Joining a Clan should be a priority, as this way you will be able to make new friends and even learn new strategies from them. In addition, you will be able to attend Clan Wars and win a lot of resources from it (if your Clan wins it).

In addition, your clan mates will be able to send troops to the Clan Castle. With other words, in case someone raids your village and you have troops inside the Clan Castle, they will get outside and fight with the enemies.

Are you playing Clash of Clans on Android or iOS? Tell us your thoughts about this awesome game!

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