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According to rumors, iPhone 6S will be unveiled this year in 2015, probably next month. Rumor also has it that this next-generation iPhone will be pretty much similar to its ancestors, with only a few noticeable differences.

This particularly means that iPhone 6S will more or less look like iPhone 6, besides the hardware and some new tweaks which Apple usually focuses on when introducing a new design or series.

Since rumors have already started coming in from authentic sources, it’s now time to round up some of the major specs and features of iPhone 6S:

Design and material

According to credible sources, it is being said that iPhone 6S won’t have any major changes in its design and will have only a few internal modifications. The basic design will remain the same – like that of the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.

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Some other credible sources say that the 2015 Apple iPhones will have a more improved design with a sturdier series 7000 aluminum alloy and a rose-gold color option. All this do seem like a reliable possibility.

Processor and performance

When it comes to processor and performance, Apple has always remained on the top. With every new “s” series phone, the company moves to a new processor. So, for the 6S, Apple may move from the existing A8 processor to a new chip that will likely be called A9.

This is definitely a big change in terms of performance, because a new processor means a faster iOS, and much faster apps.

Another improvement expected in the 6S is a memory boost from 1GB to a 2GB RAM. The company is also rumored to upgrade the current modem to a new category that will support double the speeds of the existing one.

Force touch

Apple is rumored to implement the “force touch” option in the iPhone 6S family. This feature was first introduced in the Apple Watch and allows the device to identify the difference between a light tap and a longer, more forceful tap on the screen. For example, with the Watch, if you press firmly on the screen it will let you choose new faces or find an address in Maps. This is a really promising feature with the Watch but now with the iPhone, its implementation will decide how successful will it be.

iphone-6s-3d-touch (1)


Camera will also be upgraded in the case of 6S. Now, the rear camera will be more capable and will move from the current 8 MP to 12 MP. The front camera is also rumored to be upgraded. A 12 MP camera sensor will also allow 4K video recording, which is definitely not possible on 8 MP.

Release date

It is likely that the announcement of the release date will happen on 8th September, but rumors say that mass production will start by the end of August and the phone will be released by the mid of September, probably by 18th September, 2015.