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In the second part of this series, we’ll teach you how to use your iPhone in more effective ways and get the most out of its potential. You previously learned that iPhones are not anymore devices for staying in touch or getting informed – they are a lot more than that! So, let’s start:

  1. Light your Home

LED Lightbulb, a product of Cree , lets you connect your phone to a dimmer you have previously bought and you don’t have to install. Your device can now be a portable dimmer with you in the end setting the amount of time your light can stay one, without even being in the room! Portable and easy, with the LED Lightbulb app you can save money and time!


  1. Unlock Your Car

For people who are continiously on the go with their cars and tend to lose their car keys every once and then, Viper SmartKey is the solution! Allowing you to replace the car keys with your phone, Viper works amazingly well in unlocking and locking your car without the need to take your phone out of your pocket!


Viper SmartKey can also disarm an alarm when you get close to your car, which is another point of view on this app. One of the best scenariOS of Viper SmartKey is also the time when you come back from the grocery store – with your hands full of bags, Viper can be your assistant in locking or unlocking your car!

  1. Translate

Your iPhone will eliminate the need for a pocket dictionary anywhere you go. With Google Translate, you can translate two languages in real time now! Conversations with foreigners can now be real fun – plus, you can learn a language in an easier way. The app works with both text and voice, making you record yourself or type in the phrase you want Google to translate in real-time.


  1. Predict the Weather

We all know iPhone’s default Weather app and we are used to it. But with Dark Sky, weather is a new dimension. This brilliant app can tell you how to dress for the day, give you minute-by-minute updates and predict the weather for every single hour. With the radar screen option, you can see the rain when it’s nearby and get a shelter immediately, or maybe time your coffee breaks accordingly.


  1. Create an Augmented Reality Map while driving

Driving in the dark, the rain, the for or any other unfamiliar condition has as well been made easier. With Hudway, your only job is to put your phone on your dashboard and set a location. Then, magic! Your iPhone will suddenly project a GPS-enabled map directly on your windshield with no extra equipment required! You will have precise details regarding the speed and kilometers left to your destination. Miraculous, isn’t it?