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Accessing a Mac through a smartphone comes very handy for many users. However, there must be an application for that. Today, we bring the top 5 apps to make your smartphone a tool to master your Mac.


Whether it is an iPhone or an Apple Watch, with Knock, unlocking a Mac can be done with just a two taps – making your computer accessible. Working on low energy Bluetooth, Knock is also great because it doesn’t drain the battery on both devices.


Also, if you ever lose our phone, you can still use a password and access it from your Mac. The integration with Apple Watch in the end is what every Apple user aims for when speaking of accessibility.


Remote controlling iTunes comes at ease with iPhone’s built-in app. But for any other music or radio app such as Spotify, Rdio, Vox, VLC or Beamer – TodayRemote is a perfect controller.


With amazing variety of music apps to pick from and control later, TodayRemote can also appear in the Notification Center on your iOS device, accessible enough so you can control your Mac through it.

Team Viewer

The Team Viewer: Remote Control apart from iPhone includes Android as well in controlling a Mac device. As much as crazy as it may sound, Team Viewer is one of the best and most universal apps free of charge for personal use. Coming with an ID code and a PIN, moving around your desktop remotely is a piece of art with Team Viewer – one of the leading apps in remote desktopping.

BTT Remote – Mouse, Trackpad, Keyboard, Menubar and Actions

For the users with the BetterTouchTool installed on their Macs, BTT Remote is great in accessing the computer through an iPhone or an iPad. With controlling media players, stimulating trackpad actions or navigating through the menus, BTT Remote is sort of an actual mouse but designed in a better way.


More than just a mouse, it also unveils endless opportunities in managing it as a keyboard or a trackpad to control a Mac computer.

Alfred Remote

The name Alfred of this app signifies a digital butler for your Mac – set through the App Store for your iOS tablet or phone. Your device can now launch applications, find files or navigate through the system of your Mac with whatever taps you want. Meaning that it is fully customizable, editable and tailored to your needs, your Alfred Remote can be set by you just in the way you need it.


Therefore, making a difference to your Mac and how you operate it is surely a priority with Alfred Remote.