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You surely are a master on Instagram and a hot neighbor on Tinder. You may love sending Snaps and Tweet the last news. But did you know that this is only scratching the surface of possibilities you could do with your iPhone.

Today, it’s not just about liking pictures, getting informed or scheduling a dinner date – our iPhones work in unexpected ways. Today, in the first part of this journey, we are showing 5 things your iPhone can do and you are unaware of.

  1. ID an image

If you have Shazam on your phone, you probably know that identifying a song has not been easier with the app’s main feature. Well, last month, Shazam added a new image-identifying technology – telling you which is the picture you are looking at and where does it come from.


With holding your phone up to an image, Shazam today can tell you what you are seeing and get to work – in tracking and displaying the content that matches your ‘photo scan’. Isn’t this so cool?

  1. Do not Disturb

Many people are unaware that their iPhones have a ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature built in. Working perfectly when you are at the movies, at an exam session or you just don’t want to be disturbed, the Do Not Disturb mode will stop texts, alarms, calls and alerts from coming through.


In order to turn ‘Do Not Disturb’ on, you just need to tap the Settings icon on your iPhone. Under the Notification and Control Centers, you will notice it with a moon as its icon. Additionally, the ‘Do Not Disturb’ icon can be started with swiping up from the bottom of your screen – in the so called, quick menu.

  1. Order a Drink

Ordering a drink has never been easier. Minibar is the app which can fill your home bar in, with giving you the option to order wine, liquor or any mixers with a single tap – directly from your phone. Ideal for hedonists who love the comfort of their home, Minibar is neat and works really good in terms of quickly receiving the bottle you want for the night.

  1. Take a Nap

Your iPhone will surely not sleep instead of you, but it can be your pal while you are sleeping!


Breather is an app that finds you a room for rent for a minimum of 30 mins so you can take a break from your work time or just exploring the city. Whatever the reason is (and it could not be a nap), this app is ideal for a quick and easy getaway from the streets.

  1. Check your Heart Rate

Did you know that your iPhone can spare you the trip to the doctor? With today’s common accessories Jawbone and Fitbit, monitoring your heart rate has been made simpler – with a simple app! Azumio’s Instant Heart Rate app will make sure to measure your heart rate and even give you a personalized report to help you burn more calories and see your health status.

Be ready for the PART 2 of Things you didn’t know your iPhone can do. Cheers!