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Google collaborated with a series of laptop manufacturers and released a collection of Chromebooks, which are very affordable, having prices that start from$159. But these laptops were designed to work only on Chrome OS. The rest of the laptops run independently, so they can be upgraded to Windows 10 and enjoy the latest features and changes of Microsoft’s new OS.

But, why would you pay more money on a laptop that runs on Windows 10? Below, we’ll explain you why Windows 10 is a better platform than Xhrome OS.


Microsoft worked on the interface of the new Windows 10, and they brought back the Start menu, which contains the most used programs and other applications you’ve installed recently. On the right there’s a wider panel where you’re allowed to pin tiles and next to the Start button was added a Cortana search bar next.

There’s a notification icon on the bottom right of the desktop which, when you click on it, you will gain access to the Action Center. Here, all active and dormant applications will give you all kinds of alerts.

Windows 10, Microsoft, Download

The latest version of Chrome OS came with a Start-like button which is located in the same place and when you click on it, you will have access to the Google search bar and the list of recently opened applications. When you scroll down, you will see some Google Now info cards which will inform you about the weather, you will get calendar updates and suggested articles.

In the taskbar, you’ll see icons for currently active applications and shortcuts for Google’s Docs, Drive and YouTube applications. To access the WiFi and Time options, you find them on the bottom right side.

Both operating systems get along with touch-friendly devices, but Windows 10 has the tablet mode, which will give you the impression that your laptop is a tablet, because the desktop will be cleaned of “distractions” and you’ll have more workspace.

Cortana vs Google Now

Cortana was introduced to Windows Phone and finally, it was added to Windows 10. This intelligent personal assistant sits in the search bar and when clicking on it, you will get information about local restaurants, weather etc. If the feature is enabled (by saying “Hey, Cortana”), you will ask questions and the assistant will look for information over the internet, using the Bing searching engine.


Chrome OS received the “Ok, Google” feature, which can be enabled in Settings, but even if it has a similar functionality, it won’t allow you to perform natural-language searches, it won’t tell jokes and won’t allow you to dictate emails.

Applications and stores

Windows 10 allows you to install a lot more applications and from the Windows Store, you can download any of the 205,000 apps. Facebook, Kindle and Flipboard are three of the most used applications and people love them because they offer Live Tiles. In addition, you can store data using the Dropbox app and you can edit your photos using Adobe Photoshop Express.

The Chrome Web Store contains fewer applications, but Spotify or Pandora app is available only for this OS and they are missing from Windows 10. The problem with Chrome OS is that you won’t download software, so if you want to use a program or to play a game, you can run them through a website. That’s because Chrome OS is like a browser.