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WhatsApp is paving the way for users to fully enjoy the experience on this messaging platform. The newest update which targeted iOS devices, delivered 9 features in order to make the WhatsApp experience way smoother.

Check out these 9 features accessible for iPhone devotees (WhatsApp 2.12.5 version):

  1. Backing up the videos:

The newest iOS upgrade permits you to backup the videos you want in your chat. Start by going to Settings, then Chats and Calls and look for Chat Backup and then simply activate the videos.


  1. Customize the notifications:

Setting up unique tones for each of your contacts is now a reality on WhatsApp for iOS. This newest update allows you personalize your chat notices for every single one of your contact.

  1. Chats read/unread:

With a mere swiping gesture of your conversation ( right side) you can easily mark the chats as either read or unread. A useful addition if you’re simply too busy to check your chats. Once the conversation is categorized as unread, you will see a blue dot which will be your “heads-up” sign.

  1. Sharing contacts &location:

Once you updated WhatsApp to the newest version, you can start sharing the contacts straight from the Contacts app to the IM app. Also, if you want to share some sort of location from Apple Maps, head on to the share function and pick WhatsApp if you want to send your current location. You should notice that the location symbol has increased in size, so that it is more noticeable.

  1. Mute chats:

The Mute element will come in handy if you wish to silence someone in the WhatsApp list.

  1. Enhanced voiceover support:

WhatsApp has worked on enhancing the gesture-based screen reading element on iPhone. Yay for that!

  1. Loading older messages is done automatically:

The newest update for iPhone now automatically loads your older messages while you perform the scroll motion.

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  1. Low data usage can be enabled:

WhatsApp’s voice call element is used by most users, so this new addition will help you reduce the data usage on the calls. How? You can simply set the voice call on the lowest data and this way it will use up less bandwidth.

Of course don’t expect the call experience to be first-rate because it will not, but all good things come with a price, right? In order to activate this head on to Settings, then Chats and Calls and of course choose Low Data Usage.

  1. Photo & Video Cropping Improved:

WhatsApp update has tackled with the video and photo cropping element. So start redesigning your multimedia files.