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The craze for amazing apps even got to our kids and nephews – as we all want something that will keep them distracted and having fun. After all, it’s the 21st century and kids today have smartphones. But what apps should they install?

The Vine app has shifted the world in a straightforward approach of watching a video at ease without pressure, as many times as you want consecutively. It also added up to our expectations of creative videos sent by the community. Simply, Vine is an app that makes you laugh and is really fun.


Well, there is Vine for kids now – an app that is extremely easy to use and a tailored down approach of the famous Vine which presents videos which are full of colorful monsters and cartoon characters from children aged five and under.

So, if your child loves watching cartoons, this is the perfect app so it can enjoy top-quality vines. Without any nasty things, scary stuff, adult content or unsuitable jokes, Vine managed to produce a version totally aimed toward kids. The app is constantly moderated by humans so it can remain a safe place to give your kid a moment of joy.

With its easy features, swiping left and right is pretty much everything in Vine Kids. Scrolling through videos is the action made from swiping, with the videos being played and replayed all the time. Without confusing buttons, menus or words – Vine Kids is totally childish, with one video coming after another at a time.

The interaction of the kid with the vines is yet another feature of this amazing app. For instance, if you poke the monster, it may shake or pull a face too, which makes the app totally engaging and not only an app that a kid can watch, but also interact with and enjoy.


The minor advantages are focused on the absence of a Save button so the videos can be watched later and a lack of tools in Search – meaning that if your kid loves dogs, you search dogs and get all the videos related.

All in all, Vine Kids is a really unique app, engaging and interactive. It’s the perfect app to enjoy the funny moments with your kid – on your smartphone.