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Check out this list and find out which are the best apps and games for iPhone and iPad.

A list of top apps includes:


  1. MyHeart Counts (iPhone)
    This is not a new app for the general public, but for the UK it is something fresh. This app will keep a close watch on your physical activity and will also inform you of your strength level and then the info will be shared with some of the top researches from Stanford University. This is a free app.
  2. National Theatre Backstage (iPad)
    If you enjoy going to the theater, National Theater in UK has a pretty useful app in stored for you. With this app you can check out the programs for the upcoming plays as well as other types of updates. Besides you also get to see rehearsal videos and pictures if you’re curious to see what happens backstage. This is free and you also have IAP.
  3. Yahoo Livetext – Video Messenger (iPhone)
    Livetext is a great way of keeping it real when it comes to day-to-day conversations. You can enjoy this awesome video messaging application and you also have a text-chat in the app. This is also free to use.
  4. FLIO – The global airport app (iPhone)
    Hanging out in airports constantly and getting bored? Well, not anymore. With FLIO you can immediately track down cost-free Wi-Fi and amazing shopping deals as well as low prices on food. Also, free to use.
  5. Gousto (iPhone)
    This app reveals the newest recipes on a weekly basis( 10 to be more precise). If you like a certain ingredient, feel free to order it and it will be shipped (only available in the UK) to you. Also you can enjoy rating your top dishes.

Here is a selection of the best games as well:


  1. Prune (iPhone and iPad)
    The name pretty much says it all, you’ll get to see your plant growing more and more every day. This is the exact opposite of really competitive games. So give it a try. It can be yours for only £2.99.
  2. Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon (iPhone and iPad)
    Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor was a hit back in the old days. Now, with the sequel up and about, users are really fascinated by it as well. You are basically the spider in the game and you’re main task is to capture insects and figure out all sorts of intriguing puzzle. A great game priced at only £3.99.
  3. Five Nights at Freddys 4 (iPhone and iPad)
    The Five Nights at Freddy is a pretty scary game. The action is set in a pretty gruesome atmosphere and your role is to keep away the evil creatures. A fun and entertaining game which you can play for only £2.29.
  4. Paradise Bay (iPhone and iPad)
    Paradise Bay comes from King, the publisher that made Candy Crush Saga a reality. The action is set on an island, where you will have to manage the crops and the animals in order to create your own world. It is a free game and you also get IAP.
  5. Cosmonautica (iPhone and iPad)
    Cosmonautica is a fun strategy game which is set in outer space. You will get to stray through the vast galaxy and command your team. It is priced at 4.99.