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Keeping tabs on the new run tracking apps today is never easy. There is plenty of them and their features are amazing. This is the main thing we created the list – or in other words, the five best apps for every runner out there.

  1. Strava

Strava not only has a featured GPS tracking service, it also shows you a feed of your friends most recent activities and lets you compare your results with them.

In a competitive approach, Strava also lets you win against your friends in challenges such as the fastest marathon or most miles in a month. With segment rankings as its top feature, Strava is definitely a tracking run app you should consider, available for both iOS and Android devices.


  1. Wahoo Fitness

One of the best things that a tracking app can have is LARGE numbers. Being important to every runner, large numbers are noticeable and easily seen at a first glance. Wahoo Fitness has an amazing interface featuring large numbers and letting you save your tracked workouts to any third-party service available – whether it is Garmin Connect, Training Peaks, Run Keeper, Nike+ or MapMyFitness.


Fully integrated and easy to operate with, Wahoo Fitness aims directly on the main point of running – giving you big numbers on your effectiveness.

  1. Garmin Connect Mobile

We all know that Garmin is one of the best brands in GPS tracking hardware. Although the software is not really Garmin’s side, the Garmin Connect app works perfectly well if you have a bluetooth compatible device like the Forerunned 220/620 or Fenix 2. You can even enable a live tracking session and share your activity in real time – and maybe invite your friends for a run!


  1. iSmoothRun

iSmoothRun does not only focus on miles and time – it also gives you tons of information on steps, the weather and the name of the street where you started running. Migrating workout data between training logs is also a possibility with this app, and exporting data to MapMyRun is really easy.


  1. MapMyRun

MapMyRun is the long leader in online running routes. Being currently on top, this app is a top pick for every runner. With the availability to load any of the previously created routes or routes suggested by other runners, with MapMyRun, everybody gets that motivation we all need for running. This comes ultra handy when you are running in new cities and you don’t know the area so well.