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Apple puts the finishing touches to its upcoming operating system, iOS 9. Recently, the fifth beta was launched to the developer audience and it brought the WiFi feature, new wallpapers, application redesigns and many more.

Next month, Apple is expected to officially launch iOS 9 along with the new iPhone 6S and until now, it released preview builds to its registered developers. We’re approaching mid-August and if Apple will keep its promise, the consumers will be included in the process as well, not only the developers.

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The latest iOS 9 beta 5 came with two new capabilities: WiFi Assist and WiFi Calling. The first one has the purpose to maintain a strong online connection and when you’re connected to a WiFi network with a poor signal, this feature will transfer your device to a cellular connection.

If you have an iPhone, then you remain connected to the WiFi network, even if the signal is mediocre, so you will need to manually disconnect your device or to depart from the area until you’re out of range. This way, the battery life of you’re phone won’t be affected, because the device won’t continue to struggle to connect to the wireless network and won’t deal with the poor connection.

Instead, it will make the automatic switch and you will surf the web using your mobile internet data.

Only the AT&T subscribers will be given WiFi calling support in iOS 9 beta 5, so they will have a better phone call connection. This option will come in handy when you’ll travel to a place where the signal is very weak. The previous versions of iOS 9 offered this feature only to the T-Mobile subscribers, but in the future, more carriers will get the WiFi calling capabilities.

Other changes included in the fifth beta version of iOS 9:

  • Apple brought new wallpapers which replaced the old ones. The new wallpapers come with images of planets, have dark backgrounds and abstract splashes of color etc;
  • CarPlay: there’s a heart button on which you can tap to like songs. Also, the artworks are larger;

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  • Activity has a new design;
  • The keyboard has new buttons for Shift, Dictation and Delete;
  • Music allows you to shuffle songs, to be surprised by the next song that will play;
  • Calendar has a splash screen which explains its capabilities. It uses Apple Maps to provide traffic conditions and to find locations, so you will know what to expect from the road, before you’re leaving. Also, it gets information from Mail app, about future events.
  • Siri – when tapping the profile picture for a contact, you will see icons for each option, instead of labels for the call, message and FaceTime buttons.
  • Handoff suggests applications that you’ve installed on your device. Before, it suggested apps that were installed from the App Store.