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Ideally, a business should not post what individuals post on Facebook or any other social media platform.

Therefore, learning about the what, where and when of posting on social media platforms is mandatory for businesses, organizations, and individuals. Whatever you post on social media must be engaging. After all, social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram offer excellent opportunities through which to engage with your followers.

For this reason, how do you determine what to post on such platforms? Before embarking on learning what to post, it would be prudent to familiarize yourself with the following:

  • learning the basics of crafting successful posts
  • learning the basics of interacting with the audience
  • learning the best time to post for better engagement with followers/customers
  • learning the number of times to post


  • Focus on developing relationships

What you post on the social media platforms should not always be about the bottom line. It is good to focus on posts that would enhance relationships with your followers as well as existing and prospective customers.

  • Focus on boosting credibility

Here, the goal should be to build the brand into a product leader – especially for businesses. It would be good to build the brand into a thought or service leader as well. In this regard, sharing company news as well as media bits, press releases and interviews would be a welcome idea.

  • Focus on Allowing Conversations

Making a post that allows conversations is as easy as requesting the followers/customers to talk to you and share their experiences. However, do not attempt such if you neither intend to follow up on all that your followers say nor in engaging with them.

  • Focus on Sharing Blog Content

Creating new content for your Facebook page and other social media platforms might not always come easily or be possible. In such instances, it pays to not only report but also re-share some of the best content from your blog.

  • Focus on Sharing Curated Content

Sharing curated content is all about ensuring that your audience receives value from whatever you post on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other similar social media platforms. As an expert in your field, ensure that your audience receives timely and relevant information always.

  • Be Willing to Share your opinion on News and Events

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The posts you put up on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, should be a reflection of what is happening all over the world. Identify excellent ways through which to incorporate current events with your brand.

  • Do not forget to make Calls to Action

What this entails is asking your followers to do something based on what you posted. A few examples include asking your followers to enter a contest or like a post. Do not be afraid to ask your followers to make a purchase as well.

Therefore, determining what to post on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube as well as the plethora of other social media platforms available in the world today is not an impossible task. Follow the guidelines mentioned above and you will never struggle with what to post.

More importantly, check from brands you consider mentors and learn from them. What you need to avoid is posting random content or focusing extensively on making sales rather than developing relationships.