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Google Maps has been in operation now for close to 10 years.

During that time, it has been at the forefront of enhancing digital mapping. The emergence of Google Maps has made it possible for students to enjoy the mapping-related lessons in school. With this tool, navigating the streets has become much easier. It is now easier to be a digital tourist.

Furthermore, the app has made the class highly enjoyable and easier experience for a number of reasons as shown below.

  • Applicable to several class-related activities

The maps that students use in class are limited to lessons on geography. Some of the maps are common in art, languages as well as math. Therefore, the emergence of Google Maps makes it easier for teachers to conduct their lessons in the above lessons successfully. Students are also able to enjoy such lessons.

Google Maps Update

Moreover, the app makes it easy for students to measure distances, calculate routes, explore historical sites and embark on trips to the outer space.

  • Enables students to find some of the most spectacular locations on the earth

The earth is full of several spectacular locations. Under normal circumstances, students would struggle to identify some of these locations. However, with Google Maps, identifying such sites has become a much easier process for students in the class. The app makes it possible for students to bring such locations to life and onto their screens. Therefore, it is now easier to enjoy the amazing natural wonders as well as artistic street sculptures and other discoveries.

  • Increases student’s knowledge while enabling them to participate in geographical challenges

Students who desire to increase their general knowledge and overcome all forms of geographical challenges can do just that with the assistance of Google Maps. The fact that the app is usable with Earth Picker makes it easier for students to identify random locations from all corners of the world. Earth Picker is an addictive game that teachers can use in the classroom to make their lessons more interesting to students.

Students and teachers alike can benefit from using Google Maps in many other ways. Students can benefit by using it in keeping track of all their class pen pals. The students can also use it to tour countries in which some of the languages they are currently learning are taught. The app helps students to not only sightsee and dine but also for making hotel reservations anywhere in the world in addition to learning about plant and animal life.

For teachers, one of the benefits they are likely to derive from using Google Maps includes planning a field trip together with their students. Teachers can also use the app in not only creating a map of the school but also of school events and sharing these with the parents.

Google Maps 9.26.1

The app makes it much easier for teachers to teach history lessons by ensuring the embedding of primary documents into all the interactive maps and allowing students to explore these.

With Google Maps, students and teachers alike do not have to leave the classroom and embark on costlier travels around the world to learn new cultures, languages and nations. With this tool, users can not only place markers but also upload photos of some specific locations. For these reasons, teachers and students who are yet to begin using the tool should plan to incorporate it into their daily classroom work.