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Google Earth is an effective teaching tool.

Some of the activities that teachers can do with this app include exploring the sky, flying to any destination in the world, touring 3D buildings as well as terrain, viewing any street regardless of its location, recording tours, geo-tagging photos, searching for places, learning navigation, embarking on tours as well as drawing and measuring.

Briefly, the app allows teachers to do whatever they want to spice up their lessons.

Google Earth is an effective tool in the hands of a teacher who desires to teach his computer students that love making hands-on inquiries. In fact, more teachers are using the app as the foundation for the homework assignments that they give to their students. Some teachers are creatively using the app to make dynamic presentations during the lectures/lessons. With such a tool, teachers can make inquiries during any presentation in class.

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Creating imagery, as well as maps for MS Word, PowerPoint, and other tools that the teacher uses for presentations, becomes much easier with the help of Google Earth. Teachers also realize that the tool remains one of the most effective when they are in need of not only discovery but also theorganization of data for research projects. More teachers are awake to the fact that the app is effective as a distribution tool in matters regarding research projects.

Other ways in which teachers can benefit from using Google Earth include:

  • showing sites where land-use disputes have or are taking place during a law class
  • viewing reefs, faults, folds, and glaciers
  • to undertake a preview and review of sites during field trips
  • to conduct a tour of the various ecosystems
  • geological overlay maps for illustrating stratigraphy

With the help of Google Earth, teachers are now able to create an interactive experience for the students to immerse in and enjoy wonderful lessons. Students will now enjoy walking down the streets in some of the leading capitals around the world rather than reading texts, which do not provide as much fun.

In fact, using this tool has enabled some researchers to discover some hitherto unknown archeological sites around the world.

With Google Earth, teachers have been:

  1. successful in encouraging their students to find volcanoes
  2. successful in creating scavenger-like games to help their students with research
  3. able to encourage students to create teaching materials
  4. able to develop food-mapping projects
  5. able to teach their students on latitude and longitude

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The benefits of teaching with Google Earth are diverse. First, it is effective in presenting a large volume of information geographically. It is also easier to not only install, but also use. The app is one of the best in making inquiry-based activities. It is an excellent tool for researchers. Teachers can use it in integrating studying multiple disciplines. The fact that the app comes pre-loaded with wide-ranging useful data has also proven effective for teachers in the classroom.

With the help of Google Earth, it is now much easier to not only create, but also display preferred data.  The fact that the app is freely available and ready for download is also great news for teachers who do not wish to spend more than they can afford to. For these reasons, teachers ought to get this app and begin using it to not only make their classes enjoyable for all students but also find great pleasure in teaching.