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Dubsmash allows users to do something that they cannot do with Periscope, Instagram, Snapchat and Vine.

It provides users with the tool to take short videos of themselves while lip-syncing to any audio clip of their preference. This quality makes Dubsmash sound a bit random but is what makes this tool shareable. Lip-syncing is already popular with users all over the world, thus increasing the popularity of Dubsmash, which is in use by 20 million people in 192 countries.

Dubsmash has enjoyed more than 20 million downloads since its third launching in November 2014. Its German founders saw Dubsmash enjoy the status of being the No. 1 iOS app in Germany.


Dubsmash would later replicate the same status in more than 29 countries around the world, including France and the UK. The reasons responsible for Dubsmash’s popularity are wide and varied as seen below:

  • the simplicity of the user interface
  • the process of recording lip-syncing is not only quick but also easy and fun

It is also worth noting that users are free to select any sound of choice from its Soundboard and use this to record a brief video while lip-syncing. In fact, Dubsmash has gone a step further by ensuring that iOS users are free to upload any dub of choice using itsDubloader. The videos are often no longer than 10 seconds. The Dubloader feature is similarly available for people using Android devices.

The popularity of Dubsmash is attributable to the fact that it is not a social media platform yet has shareable content. If you are hoping for newsfeed or a timeline akin to that of Instagram, then you will be disappointed to note that Dubsmash does not have such. Similarly, it is worth noting that the content is shareable across social media platforms and chat apps of the user’s preference.

The popularity of Dubsmash is also attributable to the fact that it is different from Snapchat, Instagram, and Vine. However, it obtains some of its features from those mentioned above. This explains why users can add filters, texts and produce short videos just as they do on Instagram, Snapchat and Vine respectively. Moreover, the popularity of this tool stems from the options it provides to customers in terms of:

  • different combinations regarding the clip to choose for lip-syncing
  • the choice regarding with whom to lip-sync
  • the choice regarding the location or venue for filming the lip-syncing session


What this shows is that users have no limits regarding the amount of funny content that they can create using Dubsmash. Thus far, the tool has been popular with celebrities. However, reports show that some of the renowned brands in the world are not too far away from not only endorsing but also using the tool. The major problem the big brands grapple with is inherent copyright issues, which are bound to arise soon. The founders say that they have a policy for this.

Therefore, it is not difficult to see why Dubsmash has emerged as one of the highly popular trending apps of 2015. The fact that it offers users the opportunity to be as creative as they want to be yet one more reason behind its ever-growing popularity around the world. Lovers of Vine, Snapchat, and Instagram, will similarly be delighted to note that the new app allows them to enjoy a bit of all that they find in their favorite apps.