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Viruses and cyber attacks today are a common scenario for many users. With security being a hot topic nowadays, it’s important for both individuals and businesses to protect their devices from data breaches, unauthorized network access as well as other forms of cyber attack designed to cause disruption or maybe loss in revenue.

In that manner, we present 5 amazing apps that will protect your smartphone from any falling victim to threats and attacks.

ESET Mobile Security and AV


This app is relatively newly established in this marketplace, but this fact does not stop it from being 100% detective in many AV-Test reports. With a clean interface and effective in every way possible, the ESET app alerts the owner if he/she attempts to send texts or make premium rate calls.

360 Mobile Security

This app is made by Qihu which is a famous Chinese developer brand getting in the mobile security scene with amazing results.

The AV-tests on this one came with results of 99,9% which is close to perfection in terms of securing the users’ smartphones. After Qihu saw that they are close to perfect, they upgraded the app which is now 100% detective with the AV-Test and never fails to identify or eradicate threats to your system.


Avast! Mobile Security

We all know the giant Avast and apart from the AV protection, the Avast! app comes with an app scanning option as well as a web shield in the package. Controlling the phone via text message can now be done at a glance, with the anti-theft tool that always sends messages if the phone is potentially stolen or lost – giving out the location, locking it or erasing the data on its hard drive.

Avira Antivirus Security

The Avira Antivirus Security is another amazing app with 100% detection rate – making the users safe and free of worries. With a minimalistic design and a friendly interface, Avira can be easily ran and used to detect potential attacks.

Avira vs. AVG


At last, AVL comes with a simple name and amazing functionality. Without anti-theft mechanism but with a 100% detection rate and zero false positives, AVL is the ultimate choice for a security app that doesn’t drain the battery while working perfectly well against threats.