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This is undoubtedly one of the most amazingly detailed player apps for iPad ever existing. The vinyl player named TurnPlay adds up a lot to everyone’s user experience, with its amazing design and neat functions. When you enter Turnplay, you are presented with a vinyl turntable that feels as a real one – directly from your iPad.

Many DJs agreed that TurnPlay is a real copy of the Technics 1200 and gives a real nostalgia and deep emotions for the old vinyl days. When the button at the top left is tapped, a wooden shelf holding all the vinyls slides down.


With amazing artwork, this feature not only looks great – it also lets you choose what vinyl you are going to play. You can either tap the play button on each vinyl to lead it onto the drive and start playing or manually slide the cover off and slide it down onto the player. Whatever your choice may be, the detailed approach of TurnPlay is great – delivering a vinyl turntable experience in its real light.

With the on/off switch location at the bottom right, you know that your vinyl is on. Similarly, the realistic sounds assigned to each button deliver the whole feel of a vinyl turntable and also present interaction at its best within the app. Being one of the most vintage apps out there, TurnPlay is not only vintage in its design – but also in what the app is all about – vinyl records.

Another great thing about this app is that you can gently place the arm on the record for it to start playing.


However, you should be aware that if you move it a little too much on the vinyl – the app will show you the timestamp where it starts playing from. Pushing and pulling the vinyl or even scratching is also possible – giving a realistic appeal on the whole music experience.

There are so many other nice details about TurnPlay. In a nutshell, it is an app that is highly detailed which in fact makes it special. Vintage and classy, while modern and premium, your iPad can easily become a vinyl turntable ready to play the sounds of the 50s and 60s and give you a mellow mood.