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We all see celebrities on screen wearing various suits, dresses, even accessories and shoes – but we keep wondering – What’s the name of that? Who made it?

Today, there is an app for that as well. An item you will likely see on screen ,whether its large or small can boost your desire up to have it in your closet – since it will now be available for you to get to know what it is, where it’s made and how can you buy id. TheTake does all this – it’s a free app that will let you discover and spot items in your favorite movies, and tell you where to buy them!


Being a whole new versatile scenario of creativity, TheTake has a neat interface with icons in the footer and a user-centric design on its view. In other words, it is clearly presented what film stars have worn and next to each item there is a bubble, which when you tap on, lets you explore the looks on the particular item being worn.

Another interesting part of TheTake is that you can integrate your iOS device to listen to a current movie being played. Whether it’s keywords or sounds that will be identified, goodies will be on TheTake in a matter of minutes. Obviously, there is a big data on this app – but a minor fallback is that in some cases, you may get disappointed of the blank search results being shown.

But in the cases you won’t, finding an item you like can be either shared or saved. If the search is however empty with no information presented, TheTake will make sure to give you ideas on similar looks which in most of the cases do the trick regarding the film star look. It also provides you with a Get It button which not only tells of its availability, but which stores in the US have the item in stock and what’s its price. If you live outside America, unfortunately, TheTake is not an option (at least for buying the items physically).


In the end, TheTake gives us another feature linked to why we downloaded the app in the first place – movies. It shows movies around your location which you can watch – using GPS to search for the locations. So, if you want to look like a film star and ‘steal’ the style from your favorite TV show celebrity, TheTake is certainly an app you must not avoid!

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