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3D printing is a trending topic right now, and with the large variety of 3D printers going mainstream ad being revolutionized as modern objects, the way we do things has been made easier. Whether it is a custom case we want or maybe a prosthetic limb for our body, 3D printing can print it all. It is all about the customizability and amazing aspect of this new printing revolution.

And with the rise of the printing technology, an integrated aspect showed up with apps – just like everything else out there, there are a variety of apps regarding 3D printing. Today, we are selecting the best 5 of them.


Probably one of the leading 3D printing apps for kids, Tinkerplay allows creating models or picking and mixing parts from a really large library containing desings. Whether it is wings, a human body, scorpion tales or many other elements, creating characters with Tinkerplay is fun and exciting.


Before printing a design in 3D, any user can test it, bend or twist it in the desired way, just as in real-life after it is being printed.


The MakerBot app gives remote control over the Replicator, the similar app which is desktop based. But apart from integrating, the MakerBot also comes with an ability to prepare in-app designs, queue up next jobs for the printer or just monitor the 3D printer and its work.

One of the best features of MakerBot, however, is that the MakerBot Replicator printer comes with an on-board camera which can be integrated with the device – checking and seeing how to print progress goes.

Blokify – 3D Printing & Modeling

Blokify is an iOS app which is very similar to Minecraft, as many fans say. Creating cubist masterpieces and following blueprints to assemble castles or maybe spacecrafts block by block is a great feature of Blokify.


In fact, the app makes everything simple in a block-by-block way, so the end result is clearer and easily visible. Blokify also has an option for users to order a 3D printer directly from the app, with shipping on their side.


Thingiverse is the brother app of MakerBot which allows users to effectively discover, make and share new 3D printable things. Whether its clothes or jewelry, or maybe statutes or lampshades, Thingiverse triggers the creativity in the user and offers a great variety of projects and a library with everything there.


With a single tap, the design can be sent to the Replicator and be started with printing!