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If you are a shareholder in a company you must know that it’s hard to track all the changes in the stock market with all the rises and falls of the prices. As the prices move on an hourly and daily basis, it is surely important to stay updated with your winnings (or eventually losses). That is one of the main reasons the technology made many apps for that – including Portfolio: Stock Tracker & Brockerage Companion which as the name implies – is a really nice companion to have.

Selecting your share portfolio with searching through the stock market and listing your companies is the main principle of this app. Once this is done, tapping in the number of shares you have is next and adding the price you bought each one for.


The Portfolio Companion therefore not only tells you the current plus or minus in percentage, but it also tells you how much you win measuring the difference in the price when the stock was bought and the current price.

The straightforwardness of the Portfolio app is the best thing among its users. Instead of pointless features that users don’t like having, and the annoying apps we all hate, Portfolio focuses just on you, your needs and your share portfolio. In that case, whenever you want a check, you simply launch the app and see the information clearly and precisely.

Among the additional features of Portfolio are the line graphs of the daily activity, showcasing the rises and falls in a line, the dollar and percentage gains as options as well as a clear view on all markets – the Dow, NASDAQ and S&P. A small disadvantage is the lack of Sterling support, which may be a problem for may Brits out there, as well as the absence of a FTSE entry. Both of these disadvantages are due to the limited market of this app.


All in all, Portfolio definitely shows us how our share portfolio should be put on a smartphone screen. It lets us turn on notifications, gives us daily summaries and short earnings reports, as well as price movements.

Getting a good overview of your individual shares and opening prices compared to a dividend is the main aspect of this package app that practically contains everything a stock-on-the-go solution should have.